Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone. What a day. Beautiful weather--a little windy, but nice. We colored Easter eggs last night--fun for the whole family. This morning the girls got their Easter baskets and the fun began! David's sister Debbie was down visiting this weekend and came over at about 11--right after the girls had thrown off their Easter dresses after my picture taking attempts. I actually got quite a few good ones for the time of day and background I had! They were so cute and if you see a smiling photo well let's just say you weren't behind the scenes witnessing the yelling, bossiness and overall fun Easter attitude!! Whew--and I'm not talking about me!! HA HA Too much sugar maybe? After Deb arrived we hid eggs. The girls found all the eggs I hid in less than 10 minutes. Then Taylor and Carson hid the eggs. Let's just say that Anna, Haley and I gave up after an hour of searching and not finding all the eggs.

Then we had a glorious Easter lunch consisting of leftover pizza, mac and cheese, tamales, ciabetta sandwiches and Dora the Explorer chicken soup! Let's not forget the Dr. Pepper Berries 'n Cream soda! Could Dr. Pepper get any better after the vanilla/cherry version. YES! Immediately after the "traditional" Easter lunch we took Debbie to the airport and went to see my parent's whom took us out to a nice Easter dinner at Mimi's. It was pretty good and my Uncle Delta and Aunt Rose, whom I haven't seen in forever, met us there. Pretty nice. Then back in the car and home. Now I am officially worn out and ready for sleep. Nighty night...L


Nicole said...

Gorgeous Girls--including your new profile picture! I can't wait to try the new Dr. Pepper, you guys in Prescott must get the newest and latest things right away, I hadn't seen it yet at Fry's.

Anonymous said...

SOUNDS LIKE a fun time! Your girls are dolls! I love the butterfly headbands! Tammi

Shanna said...

This is really too cute for words!