Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a beautiful spring day yesterday. An absolutely lovely perfect Saturday. I have a love/hate relationship with spring. I love the weather and everything blooming--the type of day where you can sit outside and sip a cold drink and watch your children play and have nothing better to do than enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately for me spring brings allergies and that is total misery. But they haven't hit yet so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Plus I miss being able to pull out my warm comfy sweaters that I've worn while it's cold and sitting down and drinking some hot chocolate and having a big bowl of hot soup. So as much as I love spring, I hate to see winter go.

But yesterday we had a great day--Taylor and Carson tried out for softball and Anna had some tutoring so David and I took Haley and went to Home Depot and picked out some bare root trees, flowers and plants. That is probably my most favorite part of spring--picking out new flowers and such to plant. We picked up some crab apple trees and some bowles mauve plants, we even bought wisteria--I got some stock flowers which I love to smell and we got a lilac bush and some live ladybugs to let loose! We also bought some honeysuckle and mounding juniper to put on our slope. Later that afternoon we went to the nursery and let the girls run around and picked up some more plants. We bought some awesome trees--quaking aspens, red maples, redbud, globe willow, a small flowering japanese tree and a beautiful contorted japanese cherry tree--to die for!!! We also got some autumn sage, blackberry, boysenberry and strawberry plants. We have already planted roses, pine trees, dogwood, butterfly bush and rosemary plants. We spent all day outside moving our plants to where we want them and thinking about how they will look. The yard is starting to come along--David is putting a pond our back with a waterfall. It's going to look beautiful. And the best thing about Prescott is we will be able to enjoy it all summer! It won't be hot like Mesa was! That's the best part...L


Shanna said... all sounds so nice. I would love to have a pretty yard and waterfall but that would mean I would need a lawnboy. Oh......wait......that wouldn't be half bad. Hmmmmmmm....

Nicole said...

please remember all of those plant names so i can quiz you are amazing! Enjoy your new backyard!