Friday, April 28, 2006

been a while since I posted. went to disneyland. came back from disneyland. i have been stuck in laundry hell ever since! finally think I am almost caught up. disneyland was fun--a little too crowded but we all still had a good time. i think my fondest memory is the bug's life movie that is in CA adventures. bug's land is this little area reserved for the tiny tots. the little kids that are too afraid of the big rides. a safe, fun, no somersaults in your stomach kind of place. we decided to take the kids to the bug's life 3D movie. mind you we are traveling with friends (hi Sueann) whom have 4 children there as well as our 4. in the entrance to the movie i see that it says "loud, foggy and scary". well, i think, this is for little kids, how scary can it be? well, here's how it went--3D animation, bugs spray you with acid (water shoots out and hits you), bees fly in your face with wind machines simulating them being too close, stingers pop out of the back of your chair to sting you, yada, yada, yada. Now just imagine what life would be like if you were in a crowded, enclosed setting with 100 or so SCREAMING kids. the kind of screaming as if you had just been invaded by aliens. this is what happened--every child in the theatre was screaming their hearts out. what was i doing? laughing hysterically. i mean what else could you do? there is no way out and the thought that this is supposed to be for kids and the said kids are terrified did nothing but make me laugh so much that tears were streaming down my face. my girlfriend was doing the same thing. the only one unfazed was Haley. David kept asking her if she was ok and she just nodded her head yes.

the key things about disneyland this year were: Carson rode all the rollercoasters this year...and loved them! haley would have rode any ride in the park as long as she could sit on my lap. not sitting on my lap--freak out time! the parks were very busy--that was the flashing sign we saw every morning we went. we bought some art at my fave place "off the page", we bought "the evil queen" and a tinker bell one (love tinkerbell!). we found the best italian restaurant in Fullerton--Angelo and Vinci's. can't say enough except for MWAH! that was good food!

ok--then we went to south coast plaza on the way home and all i can say about that is that i came home with a pair of jimmy choo shoes. 'nuff said about that except thank you to a wonderful hubby that spoils me!!!!

this weekend i'm looking forward to getting Carson's braces off (today) and attending a Heidi Swapp class (tomorrow). can't wait...L


Kerry said...

Sounds like it was a fun time at Disney! I am sorry, but I couldn't help laughing at your description of a Bug's Life! Ha ha! I can understand why you would be laughing so hard. Poor kids!

Glad you are back, and hopefully out of laundry hell soon!

laura said...

ooohhh - fine - come to oc and don't even visit! :P

glad you had fun. disneyland is perpetually crowded now. it is a real bummer.

enjoy your new shoes!!! :)

Nicole said...

Next time you go shopping with David let me know...

Shanna said...

yes.....for future big shoe size is 9. Thanks for asking.