Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yesterday I went to the temple to see my uncle and aunt sealed together. It was the cutest thing--they are both in their late 70's and have been married for around 60 years. I know my aunt and her daughter have wanted this for a long time. Dick and Noreen are sweet and I was so happy for them and their children, Cris and Darlyne. It was a very touching and tender ceremony and my parents were there as well. My father hasn't been to the temple in probably 30 years--what a wonderful thing for him! It made me remember when David and I got sealed to each other and then Taylor and Carson--that was a wonderful moment in my life.

It made me realize one of the things I love most about the gospel. It's never too late--to change, to turn your life around, to be better and live better. The gospel is about faith, hope and trying your best. So here's to Dick and Noreen--forever...L


Shanna said...

What an awesome experience Lisa!!!! I am sooooo happy for your family!

Anonymous said...

Lisa what a sweet story, I am so happy for your family. Tammi