Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's your birthday, uh-uh. 43 years old today. The best part--it's snowing! Love it. The other fun thing--all my scrapping buddies started emailing me the 43 reasons they love me--too funny--they are the best!

#1: Who couldn't love a 43 year old mother of 6 who looks so dang sexy!!!!!!!! You're our idol!
#2: Who doesn't love their crack dealer?
#3: She's an amazing cook...correction CHEF!! (we'll just move this up to 3 since we had two 16s)
#4 Lisa is the best home decorater that I know! Awesome taste!
#5 She is a great scrapper!!! And she loves her some Basic Grey! :)
6. She's WICKED funny!!!
#7 Lisa has the most well-behaved kids at an all-day crop!! A sure signof awesome parenting...
#8 She is a dirty white girl. ;)
#9. Who doesn't love an Excursion driving Hippie???
#10 And who doesn't love an Excursion driving hippie that loves us enough to turn off her engine to order us food!?
#11 She has great taste in music, even though she doesn't like the BNL!
#12 She likes U2. Isn't that reason enough?
#13 She has the funniest vibrator stories EVER! Hahaha!
#14 She creates gorgeous offspring (specifically the male)
#15 She's smart enough to figure out - by #10 - to reply all to each one so our email of flooded too :)))
#16 She plays well with others. :)
# 17 She is an amazing wealth of life experience and wisdom.
#18 She makes the gooeyest, yummiest, chocolate brownie cake ever!!!!
#19 1/2 since I can't count.
She makes a mean meatball. Yummy. Plus she is just an all around good cook. I want to be Lisa someday.
#20 GREAT person to talk to -- easy going, wonderful listener. . . and soooooo much experience to draw from. . .what else do expect when you're FOURTY THREE!
#21She would never make fun of a friend who realized that she spelled FORTY wrong in her last e-mail. . .she understands momma brain
#22 Since she OBVIOUSLY loves me the best, she must be loved in return!
#23 She has the same sick, twisted sense of humor I do………I think she’s one of my Dad’s lost love children. J
#24 She doesn't put up with crap!
#25 She can count. . .unlike sooooooooooome people!
#26 Because she's not afraid to hang out with a heathen Episcopalian! ;)
#27 Lisa is so sweet, she doesn't make fun of her friends. :p
#28 She loves Target as much as I do!!! That is a good thing.
#29 She gives me hope that I will still want sex at 43 years old. J J J
#30 She loves her family!!!!!!! It's so obvious by the way she talks about them, treats them and gets treated in return! I want Ellie to grow up to be like Brianna!
#29 She has wacky parents just like I do, so she is a great listener when you need to vent about therapy, prozac, effexor, and the dangers of mixing pain medication with antidepressants. <---- dejavu! Cha cha cha!
#31 We both *Heart* Rob Thomas. YUM!
#31 Lisa can out-dress----out-style any 23 year old!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it sista!!!! J
#31 She NEVER EVER EVER mocks her friends. NEEEEEEEEEEEEVER!
I loooooooove Lisa's sense of humor! Especially when she is making fun of us! That girl can make me bust a gut!
DO'H!!! I was just going to say what Shanna did!!
#31 1/2 She has awesome clothing style! I want to go shopping with her sometime! (After a tummy tuck.) :p
#32 I can call her at anytime of the day or night to cry about my psycho exes or lack of sex. J
#32 She never learned to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddd!
OK, she did AND she has to rub it in our faces. But still, she's so darn cute, it makes it all OK!
#33 I love Lisa because she is the hippest chick in Prescott. Even if she doesn't shoot guns. ;)
#34 I love Lisa because she is a rare mormon liberal, and for some reason that makes me giggle. #35 She is SUPERMOM !
#36 She is SUPERFRIEND!!!
#37 Becuase she makes ALL of us feel like we are her favorite...eventhough I REALLY AM!!
#38 All I can say is -- have you checked out her ASS??????? Buns of stell my friends, buns of steel!
But seriously here, Lisa always looks FANTASTIC! She is so put together, right down to the purse!
#40. well I wasn't going to go here but since Maddy did the ass thing I will.
HER RACK! This girl is stacked!!
FOR THE RECORD, that not a reason that *I* love her, but this is FO SHO a positive attribute ;)
#41 Just because that last one bears awesome rack and ass!!! ;) *Not that I have looked or anything.
#41 3/4 Because I'm not going to be last and I don't want this to end either!
#42 Lisa has a great outlook on life. I know she's had her rough times, but she is always quick to see the good and laugh about it afterwards. She makes forty look fabulous!!!! I think if you read all of our e-mails, you'll all be as jealous of her as I am. She's got so many amazing accomplishments and I think we can all agree that the best years are still ahead.
#43 (a) Because what's not to love!!(I figured it would be okay to be #42 because I am your favorite!!,but marked it a incase someone else wanted to add their own 43!!)

Okay………since ya’ll are being shy about #43……I will be the LOUD MOUTH!!! There are so many more things we could say about Lisa that are great!!!!! I think she’s got the idea that we really do love and respect her!!! Even though she’s not physically with us every month for our MAS Scrap-nights…she is certainly here in spirit!!! You know we love ya girl and hope you have many more Happy Birthdays!!! And in your own words…….”THERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~Shanna

Those are my crazy, scrapbooking friends and I love them!!! Thanks guys--can't wait 'til my 80th birthday...L


Anonymous said...

Love that picture of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tammi

Anonymous said...

Please, enough with the hotness already. I have to see it everyday. Not fun sometimes.

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