Saturday, January 21, 2006

If there is one overwhelming trait that I have tried to teach/pass on to my children it is one of tolerance, love and kindness. I would rather have a child who robs a bank than one who intentionally is cruel or mean or abusive to another individual. (Note to any of my children whom might be reading this--no robbing banks please, this is just an analogy!)

That said--I met a woman in my church whom has an 11 year old daughter in a wheel chair, she told me she is homeschooling her this year because she was victimized at school last year. She also told me that she is lonely from not being around kids and didn't have many play dates. I told her that I was sure my girls would love to play with her. I asked my girls after they got home from school that day and they were really excited about going over to Abby's home to play. I took them over yesterday and had to pick up Taylor early to get her to a birthday party. I left Carson to play some more.

Taylor said she really enjoyed herself and I asked her is she would like to play with her every week. She said she would love to. When I picked up Carson a few hours later the caretaker was there and told me I had the most well-mannered, wonderful daughter. I asked Carson the same thing as Taylor--would she like to go and play once a week with Abby. She said she would love to. I was just beaming as only a mother can do whom is so pleased with the kindness and love and good manners my daughters have developed. It truly warmed my heart to see them reach out to someone whom is having a difficult time and to look beyond the physical ailments and see the person and what they have to offer. Now if I can just get them to clean their room...L


Shanna said...

FAT CHANCE LISA!!!!!! You know what.....I heard a quote once that was something like..."The best children come from cluttered homes" so I guess there might be some truth in it! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Lisa that is a FABULOUS story! You have all mommy rights to be SO PROUD! Tammi