Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is my sweet baby, Haley Rose. Never a sweeter child has been born than this one right here--and I've had some pretty sweet babies. I don't know what I like most--one thing for sure that I love is that she is the cuddliest child on earth! She literally has to hold you into her to go to sleep, both arms planted around your neck and burrowed in like a baby kangaroo in her momma's pouch. She loves pink, ballerina's and anything that remotely resembles a princess. If it's a pink ballerina princess she's in heaven! Today as we drove home from some errands I asked her what she would like for lunch--she said "soupie" (she loves her some soup!) Then I told her would she like me to make her soup when she got home--she said (and I quote!) That would be perfect!! Seriously!! Where in the world did she pick that up from? Love that baby--even if she recently turned three she'll always be my baby...L


Anonymous said...

LOve that layout! She sounds sweet! I love when they add a y to things like SOUPY! It is so sweet!Tammi

Shanna said...

This has to be one of my all-time favorite layouts of yours Lisa! Great job! She is soooo sweet!