Friday, May 04, 2007

well, i haven't recorded any conversations from my girls in a while because everyone has been sick, like, forever! and no one wants to hear "my stomach hurts" "no my head hurts" "feel my head--it's hot" and that is just from me!

but time to listen in now to a few funny moments from the Ubnoske household. the other night anna asked david how old you had to be to get married and dave says 18. anna says you mean 81? because 18 is too young! well said anna!

anna and i are in the car driving--anna asks me how old you have to be to be married and i said legally it's 18. then she paused and said "I want to have lots of money when I get big. mom, do waiters make lots of money?" me--"well, some can make good money" A--"well, what makes a lot of money?" me--"doctors, lawyers..." A--in a panic state "liars?" me--"no, not liars, lawyers, like attorneys" A--after a full minute of thought " do waiters make a lot of money?" me--"yeah, tons!"

a most joyful exchange with haley rose--who was running around naked all morning!
me--time to get dressed haley
haley--you help me
me--you can do it by yourself while mom answers this important email from kerry on what color cs she should choose (LOL)
haley--15 minutes later--even more naked than before
me--ok--lets go get dressed. you are such a toad!
haley--I am not a toad--I'm a kid!

other news--taylor got the highest score on her math test last week in school and by doing that got to take another test this week to see if she could qualify for pre-algebra next year--she did! yay--a math genius in this house! maybe she will be able to add up how many people actually live here because according to how many loads of laundry i do i figure we have at least 20 more people living here than we should!

carson--poor baby--she has been the one hit by this sickness the worst--twice! she still is the one to take care of you and help out though when you need it.

scrap pages to come...L


Dust and Maddy said...

I love it! You've inspired me to record a conversation from Ellie the other day Little girls are too sweet!

Anonymous said...

GREAT CONVERSATIONS! Cannot wait to see soem e-mails.. Tammi

Anonymous said...

your family cracks me up Lisa. Seriously.

Freedomt thinks she is going to be a pirate when she grows up *insert eye roll here*