Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Utah trip. First of all it was just too much fun. This is probably the last time that I get to hang out with Brianne before she becomes MARRIED! And makes me a grandma! We got to do all sorts of fun wedding preps. We went to the JS building and finalized the reception plans. Brianne asked what type of traditions couples did and my suggestion that the whole wedding party moon Jeff and Brianne didn’t go over well. However it has never been done there before, the planner assured us, and I thought that was cool in itself!

We also went and picked out all the flowers. Three different shades of pink roses. I think there will be some stephanotis and hydrangea in there as well. My little girls will each get their own little bouquet to hold. The cake will sit in the middle of the room (4 layers with 2 different flavors—raspberry/cream cheese and almond amaretto. Yum. There will be fresh flowers on the cake as well. There will be a sweetheart table for Jeff and brie and separate tables for the mother of the bride and the evil ex! Ha Ha hopefully the tables will be close enough for me to throw things!! Just kidding Brianne. Oh I like to kid!

We also went and saw the bridal gown which looks absolutely beautiful on her! Stunning—it brought tears to my eye—when I saw the price!! No—it’s actually not expensive at all—which will save money for the bright pink sequined gown I saw for me! Again—Brianne said no. how unfair!! We saw some cute shoes and this pearl/diamond (cz) necklace and earrings. Wow! I can’t wait for the actual day! Oh—we also saw this tiara that is gorgeous! She will look like a princess

Other fun things—I got to hang out with Jeff a lot and he is wonderful! Perfect for Brianne and I know they are going to be so happy!!! They look so cute together! We also stayed at this cool antique hotel—the peery in SLC and I loved it! I wanted to move in it was so cute. It reminded me a little of “the shining” but not scary!! Ha ha we are the first graduation night at pf changes—brie’s fave and the second night we ate at a place called “the roof” it is on top of the JS building and looks right at the temple. We had the best view—right at the corner looking at the temple all lit up. Beautiful and wonderful food.

That is it for now. My little trip summed up with accompanying pics below. I had a great time and now I am counting down the days NINE until my son comes home…L


brianne said...

I love, I love, I love. Okay so just reading about the weekend wants me to have you back here again:( I miss you, great pictures, thank you so much for taking them.

Dust and Maddy said...

You must be SOOOOO much fun to plan a wedding with! I'm jealous. Can I come next time?

And why didn't you wear an "I hate Cheney" shirt to the graduation? Do I need to make you one?

Ashley Harris said...

Great pictures! How fun to be planning a wedding. Take care!