Thursday, May 17, 2007

here is my cute little family! with daddy taking the photo! love the fact that jeff is in there too since really i consider him a part of my family now!

parent teacher conferences today. all went well. all are doing extremely great in school. i love that. one funny thing though. anna's teacher asked me if i knew that carson had done a page of anna's homework. tried to write like anna but you know momma's and teacher's can't be fooled like that. anyway--i guess carson had been helping anna with her homework one night and anna had been frustrated and had finally fallen asleep. so carson did it for her! the true protective sis/mother hen. how sweet is that?

Dallas has been accepted at UVSC and MCC. now to decide if he wants to enroll in summer or fall. the mom in me wants fall!! but i want what's best for him. he is working and dave thinks he should work this summer and save but we will call the school tomorrow and see what he needs to do and when he would have to register, etc. i knew this would happen--he'd get home just to leave again. the sad thing though is david. he finally has a man around to back him up with his fun women jokes and tv watching and eating habits, etc. so fun for him to take dallas to work and get to hang around--he's loving it and doesn't want it to end. when dallas leaves it is back to all estrogen again!

dallas is having such a positive influence around our family and others. so outgoing and personable to everyone. love it! he truly came home a man. tonight we went into the high council meeting so he could give another report and meet everyone. so awesome--so inspiring. i tell you--this parenting thing is hard work. sure there are lots of fun times and perks--but really--lots of hard work goes into trying to raise a child to do what's right. to be a productive, hard working, generous, kind adult. lucky me--i got two so far! only 4 more to go.

i think david and dallas are going to mesa this weekend. so i am going to catch up on my sewing. got some skirts to sew and maybe some scrapping thrown in...L


brianne said...

I can't even tell you how much I love Dallas. I think Dallas, I breathe Dallas. Tell him he needs to come to UVSC asap:) What about BYU? I love you!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

Your family is so great. I love that you know how lucky you are. So many people don't realize how great they have it. Life is good! Celebrate it!

Sorry your kids are all growing up and leaving you. I want to ditto Brianne! BYU!!!! Woo hoo! Zoobies unite.

PS I love that Carson did her homework for her sister. What a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet she did her homework for her. You are a lucky girl and have a GREAT family! Take care, Tammi