Tuesday, May 01, 2007

well i am back! yeah! i will save my trip stories and pics for when i can get them all down! let's just say that my daughter is a college graduate and as of today has a full time job with benefits!!! woo hoo such a relief for her because good paying jobs with benefits are hard to come by!

but--kerry asked if i had looked at my blog because i was tagged by one of my favorite, talented uber-scrappers karla.

so the rules are 7 random facts about myself then tag 7 other people. OK--do i know 7 other people? yeah--that's a tough one. so here goes.

ONE: I love peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. now it might sound gross but i absolutely love them and when nothing else sounds good that will do the trick.

TWO: I have to have a blanket on me when i sleep. winter, summer--it doesn't matter--i cannot sleep uncovered!

THREE: I was approached by McDonalds to do a commercial for them when i was in Kindergarten. went out to LA with my parents and everything. My parents said no--and there went a lifetime of free mcdonald’s coke! :(

FOUR: I wanted to be a writer when i grew up. Sadly i found out that i am a much better reader than I am a writer. but i can write a mean english term paper!

FIVE: I love everything to do with astronomy—I love full moons and eclipses and stars and stargazing, etc.

SIX: I don't think of myself as crafty. merely as someone who can learn how to do crafts. i don't think it is innate in myself. rather that i can study something to death and learn how to do it.

SEVEN: I wish i was still in college. I could see myself as a life time college student. one that has like a billion credits and no degree! i love learning and reading and i can research a subject to death. in fact if i get hooked on something i can be a little OCD. i find out everything i could ever want to know about my obsession at the time.

OK--more pics and stories to come later. when i catch up on laundry and kids and husband and more. although the laundry was done and house clean and dinner fixed when i got back! thanks, honey.

ok--now i am tagging care bear, shanna, Christine, maddy, beth, michelle and Nicole.

i promise pictures (i took 250!) and stories after--suffice it to say i had the best time with my daughter...L


Anonymous said...

Lisa those are very interesting things about yourself. CONGRATS to your daughter. You must be so PROUD! Take care Tammi

Michelle said...

I was going to ask why the pot smoking thing wasn't on your list, but I guess that's not LITTLE KNOWN eh? hahaha

Lisa said...

michelle--so good with the jokes!! ha ha

brianne said...

Needless to say, my mom and I had soooo much fun!!! Her and Jeff get along so well, it makes me happy.

Shanna said...

Lisa..........is this the NOT "agreeing" with Michelle week? ROFLMAO!!!