Monday, February 20, 2006

So I just had the best weekend ever! Seriously--too fun! Dennis came down and we had such a good time. We went to the lake, rode quads, ate, ate some more, watched the olympics, looked at toy haulers and trailers, bought a trailer, had a picnic, relaxed, enjoyed marvelous cool weather, got deserted with two small children while others went and took a leisurely hike, looked at the stars and found Uranus, got Max a dog trainer, heard the name Lindsay Jacobellis a gazillion times and I think that might be it! All in one very long and exciting weekend. In fact, it was so fun that David, Taylor and Carson had to keep the party going by traveling back to CA with Dennis. Have fun with them Deb!!!! Debbie and Dennis are supposed to be moving here sooner than later I hope--can't wait for that to happen! That will be positively a joyous and long awaited event! Keeping the home flames burning and anxiously awaiting my trip to Utah...L

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Kerry said...

Wow, it does sound like a fun weekend! Cute photos! Hey, I can't help it...but I had to laugh when you said that you found Uranus. Must be the influence of a preschool and kindergarten boy in my house huh? Well, and one husband who thinks that butt jokes are still funny. Help me. ;)