Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here is my day: Wake up at 7:47 a.m. Realize that Anna must catch the bus at 7:55 a.m. Bloody hell! Jump up, wake up Anna, rush to get dressed, make her lunch and out the door to be greeted right by the bus as the bus driver kindly stops while he sees Anna and myself scurrying out the front driveway. Just as I am putting Anna on the bus I see she has no coat--I calmly tell her that I will bring her coat to her. I run in the house, grab coat, rush to the truck and drive like mad (I mean very cautiously and slowly) to get to the bus and follow it until the next stop where I can give Anna her coat. I miss the bus stop and I'm praying that there will be another stop before the bus leaves our neighborhood. The bus driver surely recognizes my truck and pulls over and stops--not at a normal stop but one where everyone knows some lame mother is trying to get something to a child so she will not have to drive a half hour out of her way to go to the school and drop said item off. So there is the bus stopped and me in my jammies making my way very publicly with coat in hand to my sweet Anna who would surely freeze to death shortly if not properly dressed. Of course my Anna could not have sat at the front of the bus--nooooo, she has to be at the very back! After getting her coat to her and mumbling thanks and offering up my first born child at the bus driver's graciousness I haul my butt back to my truck to go home. Not until this very moment did I realize that I was rewarded tremendously by not having Carson and Taylor on the bus--oh the humiliation they avoided today!

Speaking of my little Anna--tonight she asked me if Natalie was "norman". I was almost afraid to try to decipher this one but finally figured out she meant "mormon". I told her that Natalie was not "mormon" (we've had this discussion before--along with the "turtleteck" discussion). Anyhoo, Anna then asked me if "norman's" watched R movies. I replied that R movies weren't really good for anyone, being the good parent that I am--ha ha. She then told me that R movies just weren't for "norman's". Ok then--that is where we will leave it.

Took Max to the vet today to get neutered. Happy to say that everything went well and he now has a chip implanted in him as well in case anything should ever happen to him. I will sleep much better tonight knowing that my puppy can never really get lost and/or if he should, that heaven forbid, he couldn't impregnate every female dog along the way.

Best part--my house is clean, quiet (except for the new Live cd I bought today) and I actually burned a cd with my digital pictures on it all by myself! Look out world, I'm a gonna turn into a techno geek...L


Shanna said...

I am sooooooo proud to be NORMAN!!!!! And techno-geeks are RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except for the fact that most of them have some sort of porn addiction. LOL Lisa......is there something you want to tell us?

Kerry said...

I am a norman, yes I am. Ha ha!

LOVE the coat story!! I was almost expecting you to say that you didn't realize that your jammies were tucked in so that your undies were showing. You are a good mom to get her coat to her like that.