Monday, February 27, 2006

I’m back from Utah. I can’t even begin to describe what a fun time I had. I had a great flight and Brianne picked me up from the airport and we then went directly to eat, of course! Then we went shopping at the new (to me) Gateway mall. We had a great time shopping at Anthropologie. Loved that store! Then we went to a wonderful scrap store, Paper Creations. After that Brianne surprised me with tickets to the new Joseph Smith movie. That was the most wonderful, beautifully made movie. Incredible acting, beautiful cinematography and just a lovely movie. Made me appreciate our prophet in a whole new way. Then after that we went to dinner at the Melting Pot (David calls it the fondue pit!) and had a wonderful dinner—our waiter looked like a younger, cuter version of Donny Osmond.

The next day we went and hiked Sundance. We were going to go all the way to Stewart Falls but found out it was closed. We still enjoyed our hike and found a nice slope to slide down on our aspens! LOL Later we had dinner at the Bombay House and then went to the mall and had massages at the Aveda store went to cold stone creamery and then went home and promptly fell asleep!

Day 3 of our adventure found us in Park City. Beautiful area of Utah, where the ’02 Olympics were held. Lots of shopping, more eating, getting lost a few times and then heading back to where we enjoyed a sub sandwich (yummy!) and then went back to Brianne’s apartment where a few of her guy friends showed up and we talked about music and I gave them a lecture about how they needed to settle down! HA HA they were very nice and hopefully one of them will wake up and smell the coffee and start dating my beautiful, talented daughter!!! J

The next day I went home. Over too soon but glad to be home and see my other honeys! A big shout out to my dear husband whom took care of everything in my absence and had everything in order at home. He did try to tell me he had potty trained Haley, but all the girls promptly shot down that story!! Brianne—love you, miss you and so very proud of what a wonderful woman you are!! Love ya...L


Shanna said...

YAY!!! Glad you made it home safe!!! Glad you had so much fun! Glad that hubby had the house in order! Shouldnt he get something a little special for that? (wink) Can't wait to see pics of your trip!

ashersjane said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! How fun are those pictures too!! Glad you're back safe.