Saturday, February 11, 2006

David left this morning at 5 am to go to the cannery and then off to Glamis--poor thing! A three day weekend with the boys and their toys. I'm a little jealous--I would love to be riding my bike this weekend but I'm glad David has a hobby and friends to go and relax with for a little while.

Me and the girls went shopping at the new Joann's superstore here in town--yawn!! Not a big deal, but it did have a few things. Then off to McDonald's for a fun lunch that ended in spilled soda, fry's and not much eaten--but the very cute "purple dew" doll was enjoyed thoroughly!! Then off to see the new Curious George movie which was awesome!! We all loved it and went directly to Target and bought the lovely soundtrack which is sung by Jack Johnson!

Now I am worn out and tired like I have been all week--think I'll go to bed and hopefully scrap some tomorrow...L

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Shanna said...

YAY!!!! GUESS WHAT!!! Tom didn't take the girls to see Curious George this weekend!!!! That means we get to go see it next weekend!!! I am sooooo excited! and I am for sure picking up that soundtrack!!! I love me some Jack Johnson!!!!