Monday, January 07, 2008

happy new 2008. we spent the last weekend with the girls in flagstaff. where it snowed all day. we had a blast. we found a sledding park and went and had a great time sledding down all the hills. taylor and i caught some air on the big hill. but anna is destined to be a snowboarder. she literally didn't want to leave, even though she was soaked to the skin. i didn't get many pictures because it snowed the entire day on us. but we did drink lots of hot chocolate and watched movies in our hotel room. we ate really well too.

i really don't make new years resolutions. they're so cliche and just something i don't do usually. but this year i changed my mind. i decided i needed some concrete goals and what better time to set them into place but january. so here goes. my new years resolutions.

1) eat better/healthier.
2) get kids and husband to get on board for goal #1.
3) get in shape. i want to lose weight too, but my main goal is to get in shape through exercise and eating healthier.
4) read at least one book a month. (this goal has been accomplished already as i just finished "twilight" last night.)
5) be more outgoing/socialize more. I am such a hermit/loner/nerd.
6) scrap a page and a card a month.
7) enjoy my other hobbies: reading, beading, sewing, photography.
8) read my scriptures daily.
9) morning and evening prayers.
10) do #'s 8 and 9 as a family also.
11) get a grandbaby!

so i will be doing a monthly check on myself as i try to focus on keeping these goals. i also have others but those are little things that i can do monthly. feel free to share your goals with me and your progress also. i do have a really good incentive for getting in shape. when brianne left at christmas time we challenged each other to lose weight and i told her that the loser has to get pregnant. so as i am SO NOT going to get pregnant i figure that if i get goals #1 and 3 done then goal #11 will happen! peace out...L


angieinpink said...

I'm down with your NYRs. We have quite a few in common! (:

It was good to see you @ the scrapbook store the other day!

Anonymous said...

great layout! great goals! i ONLY MAKE A FEW DOABLE GOALS! Take care, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

Ha ha! I love 11!

reading about everyone's resolutions makes me want to make my own!

I love the monthly check in idea!

Nicole said...

Happy New Year Lisa, Last year I wrote down my goals and I did about half of them, but that is better than none! Good luck on #11

Jeff and Brianne said...

I've always wanted you and dad to have a little boy:) Jeff and I were talking about how the Ubnoske name must live not. Cause hey, you be noske. I love your goals, all of them!!!

Jeff and Brianne said...

i mean live on, oops

Anonymous said...

Lees -- you've inspired me to set some goals, too! And, I LOVE your goal #11!
But, I have to agree with Brianne about carrying on the Ubnoske name . . . who will do it if you don't have a boy???

Shanna said...

Lisa! I love how the grad layout came out and I LOVVVVVVE that photo of Anna!

Ashley Harris said...

Love the cards you have made so far! Love love love your LO's!! Stay warm you!

Beth said...

I thought I had posted on this before. Hmm... Anyway- that snow photo is gorgeous! It makes me want to bundle up with a big mug of hot cocoa!