Monday, December 31, 2007

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas. mine was fantastic. all my kids here for the first time together in a long time. needless to say we had a blast. anna got baptized by dallas, we ate good food, played games, saw christmas lights, drank eggnog, played wii, opened gifts, took a hike, dallas pooped a D. yes, my 22 year old son came running in one day asking where my camera was. later when i asked what he needed it for he told me he had pooped his initial D. lovely. i won't post a pic. other than that it was probably the best christmas i ever remember. i will post some highight pics later.

saturday i took carson down to the valley to stay with her good friend McKenzie. shanna's husband and kids are gone so i spent the rest of the day with her. we had a good time. we went to lunch at the cheesecake factory. i talked shanna out of a pink cotton candy looking maternity shirt. we drove to apache junction to pick up her pictures. wait--i think it was PAST AJ! lol then we stopped off at scrapbooks, etc. then headed home to scrap. which we did. the picture above is one of the four that i did. the rest need journaling. later we headed out to the scrapbook barn and ate dinner at serranos. scrapped some more then i headed home. a fun day for sure. and one that won't be happening after shanna moves. sniff, sniff.

i hope everyone has a great new year!!!!! smooch...L


Shanna said...

Yes. It was a GOOD Day! ANd I told Hillary about Dallas taking a picture of his crap and she said exactly what I thought she would...."I'd marry him." ROFLMAO

lulu said...

well, she's twisted like her sis.

Beth said...

It sounds like Dallas needs some more fiber to firm up those "D's" back into "I's" or "...'s" or even a "!" ;)

Oh my hell.

Your day sounds fabulous!!
Happy New Year!

Kerry said...


and did beth really just say that?


cute layout by the way! At least somebody is scrapping!

Anonymous said...

"I'd marry him!" Please make that the page title of that PICTURE! Sounds like an AMAZING CHRISTMAS! Have a GREAT New Year! Tammi

Jeff and Brianne said...

You ate at Serrano's, I don't want to hear another word ever about my restaurants of choice. Ooh this is the best blackmail.

lulu said...

hello--that was shanna's choice and right by her house and the scrap store!!!!

Ashley Harris said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday and some big time fun crapping oh...uh...I mean scrapping. Happy New Year you!

Dust and Maddy said...

I need baptism photos still!

Love the LO and I love the Dallas story. I think we should see that picture too ;p

briarrose86304 said...

love the layout... looks like you all had a blast!

Anonymous said...

The Snow Day Layout is FABULOUS! I love it that you girls had another fun scrappin' day!
Do you think the "D" memory will be the Christmas memory that prevails???? LOL

laura said...

he's didn't save the poop to sell on ebay or anything, did he?

if you post that pic... i'm boycotting. you people are freaks! lmao!!

i do like that layout of all you pretty ladies! happy new year! :)