Tuesday, January 22, 2008

you know why there is a cliche "sick and tired?" because it isn't a CLICHE! it's solid gold truth. wha' happened? i turned 45 and my body shut down on me. i am so not kidding. i haven't been feeling well since around saturday night. i am complaining non-stop to dave about how i am falling apart. our conversation went something like this yesterday:
me: i have to start taking care of myself. i only have a few short years left.
dave: i heard that if you haven't done anything before you are 40 that it doesn't matter--the damage is done.
me: shut up! who was talking to you anyway! ( i deleted a few swear words for my young readers!)
then i thought about it and realized--dave doesn't read, he doesn't watch the news. all he watches on tv is "Dog: the bounty hunter" and "Cops". so i'm pretty sure my get healthy plan will still work and i might live to see my grandchildren. {insert big sigh here}.

another reason dave is slipping on my popularity list is because he dared to ask IF I MIGHT BE PREGNANT! i dared to ask if he had a passport because if i was pregnant {insert trademarked maddy intake of breath here} i would kill him dead. then i would kill him all over again. just to make sure the first killing took. then i would kill him again. just for the sheer fun of it. then i would chop off his head, hang it on a pole in town square and attach a note that this is what happens to men whom refuse to get a vasectomy and then their 45 year old wife gets pregnant. BE AFRAID!

in all of these very traumatic {and i am not one for the drama usually} events i have at least tried to accomplish some goals. no exercising but i am eating healthier--i went off soda AGAIN, for the 100th time, i have taken some pictures--note the very lovely and animated haley--and I SWEAR she is a double in that top photo for brianne. it gives me chills. i finished a layout. at the moment though i can't remember my other goals. that is probably the alzheimers beginning to kick in. well, i must sign out now and go take my geritol and eat some prunes. later...L


Kaelene said...

Just remember Lulu, you are ONLY as old as you feel! Oh, maybe that isn't the adage that I want to insert here! How about "Age is a state of mind . . . " Sounds like your mind needs to travel back to Hawaii and do a little sunbathing! :)
Hey, they have pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree . . . you can get 5 for less than the price of one, at the drugstore! Hey, I'm just trying to be helpful, here!!

Anonymous said...

Love the first picture. I hope for your husbands sake.. Take care.. Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

You crack me up Grannie! ;p

Move back down here and you can come work out with me everyday! And then we can go get dessert and blow it all!

Jeff and Brianne said...

This is my favorite blog I've seen yet, p.s. I miss talking to you soooo bad.

Kerry said...

Thank you for making me laugh my rear end off this morning!!!!

I think that you do need to move back down here. Maybe it is the clean air that is making you tired. - and we could all hang out again. Like maddy said, and eat cake. Did you know cake is good for you? ;)

I love the pictures of Haley!

Look out David. Is he a bit more paranoid these days? I'd be afraid of you if i were him! Haha!

angieinpink said...

Haha...so I take it, you don't want to be pregnant?

You just make me laugh, like really hard. Keep up the good work.

Ashley Harris said...

LOL! You seriously crack me up! And hey for the record, you look more like 25 than that other number. Be good!~Ash

Nick and Ashley said...

Little morbid!

Anonymous said...

So your pregnant eh???

You look amazing anyways, you are only as old as you tell people you are!!!