Tuesday, January 15, 2008

just a few images from some random things last week. first, went down to mesa on friday to "scrap" with my girlfriends. which really was just a cover for a surprise baby shower for shanna. we went with the traditional "balls and nuts" theme. HA we did get a little carried away with decorating the gingerbread men. and embellishing them. and using them for our entertainment. my favorite was the napkins--which showed a pic of a baby with the saying "you're kidding! i get both nipples?" (brianne--i saved some for your shower!) of course no scrapping got done and when i went to leave my car was filled with balloons. crazy girls. they always do something fun for our birthdays--and since i don't live close they always get creative. i drove all the way home with those balloons. i wanted to show my girls. about 15 minutes from my house one of the balloons popped and gave me a heart attack. so i opened the back windows to let the balloons go and instead they all got sucked to the front of the car making it terribly hard to see out. i am sure if i would have studied the law of physics back in high school i could have avoided that. but then i let my windows down and balloons just flew out of my car. i wish i could have driven behind myself to see that.

this week has not started good for me. i came home from church at 2 and went to bed until 5. then i went to sleep again around 9. i have just been struggling with being tired this week. it is killing me.

but i have a few funny things to post. things my girls have done. tonight for example. carson shows me a beautiful drawing of new york, complete with the statue of liberty. i comment on how lovely it is. she tells me that "the eiffel tower" is a little crooked. i say "it's the statue of liberty." carson''oh, whatever." yeah--cuz the two are very difficult to tell apart. LOL then anna is working on apostrophes and possession. she is supposed to re-write "the queen of the colony is very important." so i ask anna how she could write this with a possesive noun. anna's response--The queen rules!. i love it. how very true.

and the card--one i did for a challenge on a website. it helped fulfill one of my resolutions. to make a card and a page a week. i actually made two cards. plus our family has had family home evening, read scriptures and had family prayer. love it. the only thing killing me right now is the diet/exercise. and i got a little scared tonight when i called my daughter and she told me she had gone to a step aerobic class tonight. i need to get my butt in gear. now it's time to see if american idol has ended so i can get my girls in bed. later...L


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! Love the card! Have a GREAT weekend. Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

The balloons still make me laugh!