Wednesday, October 25, 2006

what a day. where to start. first of all i went to Phoenix today--i had a lot of errands to run and things to do and david told me i could leave haley with him which was an extra bonus--since i have been feeling kind of yucky lately--and it was sooo nice to get a break from everything. so i did get my errands done and did get to visit lucky 15 and stop by and say hello to shanna and dropped off some much needed dr. pepper and a cookie--which led to much laughing and crying because we started quoting "the wedding crashers" then off to see Kerry to drop off some 7gypsies tape and see her cute halloween stuff before matthew loudly asks his mommy if they are going to target! um, matthew--why would you ask such a thing?? then i am on my way home.

so now the fun begins. i have been expecting some packages in the mail and there were three packages when i got home. so david was busy in the office and i proceeded to open my packages. one was a fed ex package that i was sure had my latest 2peas order in it. imagine my surprise when i open it and inside is a sexy police officer halloween costume--well, that is what i think it is. i just shake my head and laugh because i know david has ordered this for me to wear. i try it on and when i look in the mirror--um, lets just say that there are 2 huge lace ups in the back and it barely covers my "assets". i am thinking my naughty guy has big plans for this costume and it ain't for halloween!

so a few moments ago we returned from the grocery store and while david was putting away the groceries i run and change into "the costume" i come in my high heels into the kitchen and ask David to freeze--while i pretend to hold a gun. he then asks me where in the heck did i get that? i say--you ordered it--and he says--no i didn't--then i think he is surely kidding me and i say--of course you did--then he says--no really--and i tell him about the white box and how i opened it and yada, yada, yada. then david says--honey--that box is the neighbors--it had the wrong address on it and i was going to tell you about it. oh--i still think he is joking--so he asks where the box is and i tell him it is in the garage--starting to giggle and also worried at the same time now--so he brings the box in--sure enough--not my name on it or my address--they delivered it to the wrong house!!! OK--so serious laughter and worries now--since i have opened "the costume" and worn it and now what to do? take it over and say--oops--here's your uniform--happy halloween. david is laughing cuz now he wants to go spy on the neighbors to see who ordered this sex outfit and oh, yeah--he wants me to put it back on too. so yeah--happy halloween--and if anybody is missing their "costume" please give me a call and I'll hook you up with a sexy, albeit, slightly used naughty uniform...L

oh and shanna--MA--can you get us the meatloaf???

EDITED TO ADD: the best part--the name of the "costume" company--FORPLAY!! And the biggest lesson i learned--must wear my reading glasses while opening all mail and packages from now on!!


SHanna said...

OMI-FREAKING-HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if I hadn't cried enough today from all the laughing!!! You really brightened my sad day Lisa! And why the hell can't something like that happen to me? That whole scenario belongs in a comedy show!!! How about an episode of Will & Grace??? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

OH MY GOSH! That is hysterical! What is up with your neighbothood? You have the FUNNIEST neighbors.

PS When you're done with the costume, send it down here ;) If only I could squeeze into it. Maybe in January once this baby pops out.

Beth said...

Oh, please tell me the costume belongs to the neighbors you mooned. That would be icing on the cake!!

Too funny, Lisa!

Michelle said...

yeah, sorry beth. I'm not buying you didn't know it was for the neighbors. Not for one second.

hooker! :)

laura said...

omg - THAT is funny, lisa! :D

kerry said...


This has got to be the funniest story ever. I didn't think you would ever be able to top the mooning story....but somehow you did!!!!

I seriously can't stop laughing!!!!!!!