Wednesday, October 18, 2006

well, we are back from disneyland--yeah, we are in recovery mode right now. anna started throwing up last night so i pray that it is a fluke and not stomach flu going around that is going to hit our family of six! but we had fun and my grass just got delivered so all is well! and i'm talking about the kind of grass that goes in your back yard, not the smokin' kind! i don't have pictures to post since my small digi camera was broke and i took my compact FILM camera--yeah--i had to stop myself from checking out the back of the camera every time! so i am posting updated emails from my missionary son. the first one is the one we got the day we left for disneyland--the second one i got this morning. have i ever said that i love that boy? cuz i do...L

Well this is a pretty sad day for me. I have to pack my bags and go to Ravenna. I got transferred. WHen I got the phone call I just felt my heart break in two. I love this place and despite all the struggles here we just found three golden investigators but I will not get to help them embrace this glorious gospel. I just sat down and cried last night. Manly tears. I met so many people here and I jsut stinks to leave but, I know that the Lord wants me to go to Ravenna and thats where Ill go. Man, time flys in the mission I just start getting a hang of things and using preach my gospel to the max and its almost over. I feel like I need to run all over yelling the good news to everyone that the church has been restorded. However, once a missionary always a missionary. Its like Joseph Smith said, "after all is said, our most important duty is to preach the gospel." I pray that the Lord will give me the strength to continue this great work not just till the end of my mission but to the end of my life. I love all of you. Ciao!

2nd email:

Hey everyone! So Iam at Ravenna. Its a small city but very pretty. My comps name is Anziano Bergensen and he is a stud. We get all long too good. Well there are about twenty active members here soo yea we got some work too do but, we already seen a bunch of blessings. We found three new investigators and we had a investigator family in church on sunday. Sweet. Oh yeah my comp is from Indianna. Cool. Huh. We just get along soooo good but we need to make sure we dont have too much fun. For example we were doing the Mostra this showboard thing about the church and just stopping people all over the place and they kept saying im not interested before we even start talking so I said "hi" to a guy and he said "im not interested" and I said "o. ok. I just wanted to give away a thousand euro but, your not interested ok have a nice day." Yea not very christlike but we laughed forever and we had fun but yea I wont do it again. Well cool stuff. Love you all and just be happy thats what Heavenly Father wants for us to be. Happy.

oh, and as a sidenote--i came clean with the neighbor's wife--well, i left her a message on her phone and apologized for both the mooning and then lying about the mooning. brianne should be happy!!! now off to search for a halloween costume, and no it ain't gonna be a bare ass one--i can do that myself!


laura said...

hope you had fun at DL. you didn't get the best weather, but hopefully that kept the crowds down!

your son sounds really dedicated! you must be very proud of him. :)

i hope anna feels better. :)

Anonymous said...

That daughter will make you upright yet woman!

brianne said...

i am so proud mom!!!

Kerry said...

I am LMAO that Brianne has to keep her mama in line!

Disneyland sounds fun. Man, I hope that nobody else gets sick at your house.

I love reading the emails from Dallas! It sounds like he is having a wonderful time. What an awesome kid. It is hard to believe he should be home soon!

Beth said...

Glad you're back! :)

Shanna said...

What would we do without our kids to keep us on the straight and narrow??? :o)

Dust and Maddy said...

YEAY Grass! We have to plant ours this week and then wait. GRRR!

I hope Anna feels better soon. :(

And ooooooooh Ravenna. I looooooove Ravenna. It is such a cool city. I can't believe he is living there. I'm so jealous! Can I come along to pick him up form his mission. PLEEEASE?

PS I can't believe you confessed! You are truly brave!