Friday, October 27, 2006

conversation between my oldest, most beloved daughter Brianne and myself:

me: i'm going to be a hooker for halloween

Brianne: well, at least you won't have to go and buy a costume!

damn, that girl is sassy and sarcastic--wonder where that came from???

oh--and the costume has been sent back--the fed ex man came by today and i told him the situation--he was literally bending over in two laughing so hard--he thought it was quite funny too--it wasn't him who left the package and i'm sure they are going to get a big kick out of it back at the office. of course not as big of a kick as my husband got ;)

happy weekend everyone!!!

WCQOTD (wedding crasher's quote of the day): Mrs. Cleary, I don't--Call me Kat--Okay, Kat--Call me "Kitty Kat."


Shanna said...

Oh Hell! The WCQOTD could go on for months! There's so many good ones! I love Brianne. But I would since she's the spawn of L.

Dust and Maddy said...

Like mother like daughter. . .

laura said...


you are some naughty people out there in AZ... :P

Beth said...

Haha! So you chickened out and made the FedEx guy return the costume? Too funny! Wimp... ;)