Saturday, June 24, 2006

YES! I won the raffle at my lss today and Heidi Swapp scrapped my pictures!! So fun. I never win anything so that was killer! I had actually won a smaller prize earlier and they had told everyone that you could only win once. If your name got called again you could trade your prize. Well they called the name of someone to get their pictures scrapped and she wasn't the next name they called was mine!! LUCKY! So she scrapped them right there in the store. and i got a pink album to put them in! I love these pics of Anna. I have done a few of these pics of Anna. the one on top is the one I did last night. Well, that was a lot of fun. Heidi told some stories of how she came up with some of her ideas for product and then demonstrated how to use a bunch of them. plus they gave away a ton of prizes!! But winning the pictures scrapped was the icing on the cake. that definitely took some of the edge off my PMS!!

on a side note--called Shanna to see how things were going with her Mississipi boy and also to tell her my pics were getting scrapped and she was on her way home from VEGAS! Hello??? I about had a heart attack. She did assure me that she wasn't married though!! Um, can you fall in love, meet that person and then tell your friend you are coming home from Vegas and not have said friend almost suffer a nervous breakdown? geez! Sounds like she is happy though. but you'll have to stalk her blog to get an update...L


Anonymous said...

You are a LUCKY GIRL! Both pages are BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to hear what Shanna has to say about BOY, VEGAS, WEEKEND! Have a GREAT one TAmmi

RJ Wannabe said...

Oohh Heidi Swapp! Like I'm totally jealous.

Cute photos. I also like the one of Haley from "If at first you don't succeed". Beautiful blue eyes.

Michelle said...




Beth said...

Love the layouts, Lisa; very cool! But, shhhhhh; I like yours better. Is that 'Heidi Blasphemy'? :)

Shanna better have a BIG update for us soon!!

Deanna Payne said...

Beautiful Pages Lisa! Congrats on the win!