Friday, June 30, 2006

so this is my new hair cut. yes there was one that was closer up--two words--scary! so, the hair is still long and sort of brown with highlights.

and this is my backyard--currently up for sale. sort of sad about it. i mean, this was the first house that david and i owned and bought together. anna was born in this house. well, actually at a hospital, but you get the drift. brianne walked down the stairs in this house for prom. dallas ate his nacho's in the kitchen every night at midnight. we played in this house, laughed, cried, yelled, sang, danced, had parties, had a funeral, renovated, SCRAPPED, we even had a friend's daughter's reception in the back yard. it's a beautiful backyard. David did some good work here. now it goes to the highest bidder. but i still got the my heart and in my scrapbooks...L


Beth said...

What a gorgeous backyard, Lisa! I can sympathize about your sadness with selling the house. I remember when we sold our first house, I bawled as I vacuumed for the last time. I made it worse by envisioning the steps we took from room to room ("This is where Ryan took his first step" Waaahhhhhh! "Oh, and this is where Meghan took her first step" Waahhh!). Seriously, it was pathetic. Funny, though to look back.

Focus on the memories you're making in the new house. :) Plus- it's a heckuva lot cooler in Prescott, so forget about Mesa!

Love the haircut!

Michelle said...

Where's the yard? And you have a head???? I'm like a lustful man when I look at your hotness (aka your rack) :-0


Lisa said...

michelle--you just made me laugh out loud!! nutball!

Kerry said...

Dang it all Lisa, now you have me crying over here. I loved that house too. Plus I have done the same thing with every dang house we have moved out of since moving to this one. You remember so many little things. That is why I hope I am NEVER moving again.

LOVE the new hair!! You always look awesome!