Wednesday, June 07, 2006

what a week. a horrific cold has come upon me in all it's loveliness (thanks beth--for the word lovely, not the cold!) been dragging my arse out of bed everyday at about 10 or so. and you know what that means. you wake up from what seems a drunken stupor, literally force yourself to walk upright and by the time your eyes get adjusted to the light this is what you see; the remains of your once clean home. 4 little girls ranging in ages from 11 to 3 have been left to fend for themselves for roughly 2-3 hours. not a pretty sight. but instead of throwing yourself back in bed again, you eventually start to put everything back into a state of normal. ugggg. sickness is a double whammy for a mom.

speaking of normal. carson gave me a quiz today to see if I was "normal". Um, i could have saved you 5 minutes. the answer was no. she didn't even give me a percentage of how "un" normal I was. just a quick little look with a roll of her eyes to inform me that i wasn't normal. c'est la vie.

even with a day of nothing seemingly good. i did have some things to be grateful for today. 1)Jack-in-the-box. Thank you for putting a fast food restaurant not far from where I live. 2) The eagle. it's about the only radio station that comes in half-way decent here. While driving they played "canary in a coal mine". Just one of my all time favorite Police songs. ever. 3) Barnes and Noble. took the girls there this afternoon and bought some cool magazines and my girls some books. love bookstores. 4) David--yesterday when I was in sick/kids are home from school mode he told me to leave--I did and went and got a manicure and pedicure. pure heaven. 5) my girls--even though they technically create a lot of work for me--they pretty much let me sleep in, give me head rubs and even cleaned the kitchen for me. 6) this layout I did last week of anna. still loving it. 7) Haagen Dazs Mayan chocolate--sheer heaven! 8) talked on the phone today with a few friends. nice. 9) got an email from my son--he has been transferred to Monza--looks like it's not too far from Milan. 10) great weather here--breezy, 80 degrees. perfect.

thats all for now. hoping this cold will go away shortly. later...L


Amy O said...

Sorry you are sick Lisa! We just got over about 3 weeks worth of runny noses! Feel better soon!

Nicole said...

I love the picture of Anna. You are becoming quite the photog. Hope you feel better soon!

laura said...

oh my - i LOVE that layout! you rock.

sorry you have been sick. i hope you are back to yourself soon!

Beth said...

Aw- I'm so sorry you got the creepy crud. :( And really sorry I passed on the word *lovely* to you; oops. ;)

My house is just about back to normal after The Sickness came through here. I'm skeered of my upstairs, though. That's where most of the damage was done, and I'm not about to clean it up. The little cuties can do it!

I love your Grateful List, and the layout is adorable! :)

kerry said...

Did you delete my post? ;)

Beautiful layout Lisa!

I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you. No more being sick!

Pretty exciting news about Dallas too!

Anonymous said...

Normal..she actually took the time to give you the quiz???

I hope your feeling better soon. I agree its a double whammy..lifes not fair. I have learned to live with it..loudly and in everyones face..but live with it all the same BWahaha!

Shanna said...

Police? Who are they?