Sunday, June 25, 2006

so this is what i worked on last night. i needed to do this for a challenge and the challenge included scrapping a goal and using stamps on your layout. i love stamps. not sure how to use them though. i guess i need to take a class (shhhh, don't tell my husband!) this happens to be one of the few pics that i actually like! Thanks to Dennis for snapping it and making me laugh. thanks to my hubby whom took me along on "his" trip to Cali. it was a lot of fun and a well-needed break. i am off to mesa today after church--a late father's day gathering with my dad and a haircut and cleaning a house to get it on the market awaits me...L


Kerry said...

Yay! I get to be first!

Lisa, that is one STINKIN' cute layout!!! And look at YOU! You look like you could be your girls SISTER!!! O*M*GOSH!

You are on a roll Lisa!

Michelle said...

dang girl. Every time I see a pic of you you are cuter and cuter! That happens with my kids too. How do y'all do it?!?! :)

side note: stalking shanna's blog, still have seen anything ERR!

Beth said...

How come you look so cute in pigtails, and I look like a dork?

This layout is adorable! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Lisa you look to ADORABLE! Love the pigtails. Your layout is AWESOME TOO! Tammi