Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i have lost track of time. no idea where i am, what i've been doing or anything else really. all i know is haley calls me "nudie pants" and then laughs hysterically! it's pretty funny. she watches spongebob whenever its on so maybe it came from there. she can quote the tivoed episodes! her and anna imitate patrick and sponge bob all the time. haley even tells me things about squidward and mr. crab--like they're our neighbors. and haley is definitely a one show kind of girl. she would only watch finding nemo when she was 2. she watched only that for one full year. i think i memorized every line. i'm so glad it was that and not little pony or sky dancers. lol

not much going on except i have another friend leaving me on thursday. to go live in kentucky. my 2nd friend in a year to move far, far away. oh the heartbreak. i'm going to miss you kerry. from the moment kerry and i met we bonded. we had lots in common. and we broke into the scrapbook convention. you're not really friends until you commit a crime together! LOL she taught me about ribbon and metal on layouts. and how many colors to use and pp. she was brilliant!!! somehow her love of chiffon never grew on me! ha ha (you gotta be a bazzill girl to get that one!) so i'm going to miss her. mwah! kaelene--that's a kiss! ha ha

i have been crafty a little. i made these cards for mother's day and never posted them. my SIL gave me these old vintage playing cards and i've used a few but decided i wanted to use them on cards. i need more now--i really like them. i have scrapped a few pages--will post those later. and hopefully i got some good pics from memorial day.

later gator...L


Kerry said...

I think nudie pants is from spongebob. For some reason... my kids are on a spongebob kick right now. I hear his laugh in my sleep. I crave crabbie patties. I sing that stupid song in my head. UGH.

I'm going to miss having you 'so close' too. If you call Prescott close, you booger, you are the one who started this whole moving trend. ;)

We'll always have the internet baby.

Ah, breaking into the convention... good times. My first real felony. Haha!

Kaelene said...

Lisa, I KNOW (NOW!!)what "MWAH" is! But can we talk about the "Gay Dog" cards?? That's funny, yo!
It unanimous . . . we all hate you, Shanna and now Kerry, for moving away! Thank goodness we do have the internet!

Dust and Maddy said...

WAHHH! I'm going to miss Kerry too!

Love the cards! See you soon. There's something fun about not having to anticipate the get together.

Nicole said...

Brett liked to watch Shrek over and over again. I knew that one by heart. When I saw "I Am Legend" I bonded with Will Smith for a second. If you haven't seen it..rent it.

Jeff and Brianne said...

Hey nudie pants, I love your cards! They are the most beautiful ones I've seen you do. Did I tell you I'm in a card club and used one of your ideas. I'll do a post soon.

Kerry said...

Oh and chiffon is sooooo yesterday. Now it is lilly white and kraft.

laura said...

i love your cards - and i love your post about kerry! she's the best! :)

Shanna said...

LOVE THE CARDS! They are even better in person! I get to have Kerry closer to me now! Neener neener! I wonder if that will actually mean anything!