Thursday, July 26, 2007

yes, i'm back. sort of. i took a little break. from everything. no blogging, no scrapping, no sewing, no anything really. i was just tired and worn out. i still am a little but i started coming back today.

so let's see--what has happened since i have been away. my daughter got married! yay! it was a beautiful day. brianne and jeff looked so happy and i think everything went well. then they went on a cruise to the caribbean. after the wedding i went to Georgia and stayed a week with my sister. we went to savannah, antiquing, eating, watched fireworks on the 4th and then i came home with my neice paityn whom stayed two weeks with us. my girls loved having her and while she was down we went to the grand canyon, the mall and did some fun stuff. it was nice to have her here.

pictures are of my new bedding, the last layout i did (over a month ago), my neice, a man playing the sax in savannah, and the grand canyon.

yesterday carson turned 11. and that was how many girls came over for an all day/all night party. lots of fun. for her. ha ha

so today i got busy and got a lot of things taken care of that were taking over and i have finally started cleaning and organizing my scrap room.

and somewhere in there i read the last harry potter book. amazing. wonderful. i loved it. so if you were wondering why i wasn't around, there you go...L



flat lover, I am of chili, and I saw your blog by chance, find me very pretty!
I loved the marks of pictures that you manufactured.
I write you in Spanish but step to English with a translator.
did you give me very good ideas of handiworks, if you want can you also see my blog, would I like to put on in my link I wait it doesn't bother you, do already warn me?
affections gisella from chili

Kerry said...

Partay!!! Lisa lives!!!!

Good to have you back girl!

OK, your bedspread is incredible!!! I remember when you bought it and called me about it. I had no idea it was THAT pretty!!

Congratulations on making it through a tween slumber party too.

Great layout, now go make more!!!!

Shanna said...

I love that bed!!! Great spread! I'm just sayin'

Just sayin'

that's your new blog name....

Just sayin'

that's how you end every comment these days...

Just sayin'

You're a skank....

just sayin'

but you know I love you!

Just sayin'

Michelle said...

I had something nice to say but Shanna's post was so damn funny I forgot :)

welcome back, btw! LOVE the bedding. The bed's pretty amazing too. And WOW to that layout. It's gorgeous!!!

laura said...

welcome back! good to see you - i love your updates. it all sounds so wonderful. love it all!! :)

Erica said...

WElcome back girly! Did ya love the book or what? And I hear your seeing Stevie..ho!

brianne said...

I love your new bedding! Jeff says he'll be sleeping on it next week when he's down. Love you.

Karla said...

Girl sometimes a break is WELL needed. And that daughter of your is GORGEOUS...Congratulations!!!!

Say...I am so glad I found a HP fan! LOVED the book too!!!!!!!!!

Chat soon honey,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Congrats on your daughter getting married! That is AWESOME! Take care, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

Phew! that's a lot of stuff! I'm glad things have calmed down though! I miss reading your blog.

And I loooove your new bedding!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you . . . I am so glad that the wedding went well! I hope to see photos of that adventure VERY SOON!
Love your layout; love your bedding! When are we scrappin' again?
Harry Potter rocks -- I've got 100 pages left! (Been doing a lot less reading since Jorge got home!)

angieinpink said...

i pretty much L-O-V-E love that bedding. so so cute lisa! fun pics, glad you're back in the blog-o-sphere sista.

Beth said...

Welcome back!!