Saturday, June 02, 2007

what's a post w/o pictures? i love the detail of haley's polished worn fingernails. what are a girl's nails w/o some chipped polish?

well,i have been busy, busy, busy. wedding details, son home, school ending, and the list goes on. i have been working on teacher's gifts, brianne and jeff's wedding invite and guest book and doing lots of other things that i can't remember at the moment. but i got a fun day yesterday. david took me to scottsdale and took me shopping. got me lots of fun things for the wedding. i was on cloud 9. i even got jewelry! so i am set for the wedding. can't wait--i am so excited.

other fun things going on here. dallas cooking. yes--my son that only knew how to nuke some nachos and pour a bowl of cereal is now cooking for us. and cleaning up. my son. so for all you moms of small boys--there is hope! he made us lasagne the other night with homemade bechamel sauce. he. made. bechamel. sauce. from scratch! so yummy! i finished it off for lunch today. it is really neat the italian things he has made for us. just simple ingredients. none of this 12 page recipe with about a bazillion ingredients. just a few fresh and simple recipes that are super yummy.

happy sabbath tomorrow...L


laura said...

yum! can i come for dinner?? ;) sounds like you are blissfully busy! :)

brianne said...

What the heck woman, what are you doing stealing my beazamel sauce! I love you mom, I know you're busy but it means soooooooooo much to me, plus its all in the name of your favorite daughter:)

SHanna said...

WOW LISA! You been postin! Ummmmm.....DALLAS! I have a cute single sister!!!!! She's yours if you want her! LOL

Nicole said...

There is hope...I will just hold on for 14 more years..piece of cake ;0