Tuesday, June 05, 2007

bloody hell! that is my scrap area. somebody help me!kerry you are needed here! come on--get in the car, get out of the heat and the no ac and get me organized! i know you want to!! hey--i'll even buy you a mickey d's coke! this is what happens every couple of weeks--i mean months! i scrap like a mad woman and walk away. but hey--i forget to put away and clean up until i am no longer able to find a clean area to scrap in. sometimes i have so avoided putting stuff away i have been forced to scrap on the floor--the horror!

anyway--any takers on coming up to cool weather and organizing me? maddy? beth? if kerry poops out? now you know i ain't askin' michelle or shanna--'nuff said! but actually i was able to scrap amidst all that the other night and work on a layout for the OLW challenge and should have it up tomorrow! wish me luck!

in some good news though i have gotten brianne's and jeff's wedding invites done and ordered. so everyone say a little prayer that they come back beautiful--cuz i had some nightmares last night about them and it wasn't pretty. ha ha but don't tell my daughter that cuz then she might have a few nightmares herself!

sending some cooler weather your way...L


Karla said...

wooooeeeeee you got yourself a mess there! LOL!!!! It's good that you are now planning on tackling it. I wish I could help you. One thing is to make sure that yoy purge as you are organizing. It will go a lot more smoothly.

I can't wait o see your OLW LO honey! I am diggin' the rest of your creations!

Chat soon

angieinpink said...

have fun, sista. dude, i seriously LOVE organizing...wish i could help! too bad my room looks the same way, huh! um, and cutest album below! you are so talented!

Dust and Maddy said...

Who doesn't love having a project to tackle (and one that is so fun and rewarding).

Love the album BTW! AWesome. And congrats on getting the invites ordered. . . I'm sure it feels good to check something off of your to do list. I want to see your fabo clothes from your weekend of shopping.

Kerry said...

Gulp. Now THAT is a mess! Haha! I'm with Maddy though, I see a challenge! I would love to organize that for you! If you scrap some of my pictures though... you seem to be on a roll!

Kerry said...

Oh, but I do love that there is something in the top picture, on top of the pile that says, "Important" on it!

Kerry said...

OK, yeah I am so nosey I even came back to click on that top photo again. It's like 'where's waldo?'

I see a bunch of things that I want to 'borrow' when we scrap up there again. Look, you have all the cool HS tapes, cool ribbon, look at all of the acrylic stamps! Hahahaha! I'm shopping!

Rachel said...

This is definately a sight that I can relate to! But at least it means you've been productive, which is always a GOOD THING!

Can't wait to see your layout!

brianne said...

uh, excuse me. those invites will be perfect or else...:)

Michelle said...

oh that's nothing girl. You should see my room! HAHAHAAAAA
it's baaaad.

Michelle said...

WAIT A MINUTE. screw you! I somehow missed actually READING your entry (pay attention much?) and *I'M* the queen of organization. It's KEEPING it that way I suck at.

But now you'll never know BIOOTCH.

....not gonna ask michelle or shanna....sheesh!!!

Lisa said...

i love the fact that you actually didn't get it the first time michelle!! ha ha

OK--you can come and organize for me! just don't tell shanna!!

Shanna said...

BITE ME BIOTCHES! I got my own messes to organize. And now that I COULD actually be your organizational slave while my girls are gone.......you done messed that up hooker! LOL