Thursday, February 22, 2007

that girl up there--taylor--doesn't look a thing like me but has almost all of my personality. so i don't know if she got the raw deal or not...but she is a lot like her grandma U. in looks and personality--now that's a good thing! she complained about not having a lot of pictures of her--i had to remind her that everytime the camera comes out she bolts in the other direction. so she let me take a few. she came home from school yesterday and told me that she was going to give something up for 45 days until easter came. i said that's called lent. she said she was going to give up meat. i said allright, sounds cool. i guess her and some of her friends at school are going to do this together. i asked her if i could give up laundry!!

so this is a pic of one of my other card challenges. it was to use a symbol. i chose a clock. i love clocks--i have one in every room of my house. time--it's the one thing that we all have the same amount of. how do you use yours? i plan on journaling on the back.

david and i have decided to get healthy. i am going to go to costco and the health store today. loading up on fruits, veggies, whole wheat everything, lo-fat, grains, you name it--if it doesn't taste good it goes in the basket!! ha ha well, i like all this stuff--my husband and kids don't--so we will see how long before they get all cranky from lack of sugar coated preservatives!! my guess is not too long. but for david's and taylor's sake we will be going healthy and meat free.

oh yeah--that's max. i was taking pics this a.m. and he was sitting there with that cute face saying "take my pic!!" so i did...L


brianne said...

Taylor is soooo gorgeous. And heck, Max is growing on me a lot, he looks so cute!

Kerry said...

I was thinking the same thing about Taylor! That she was the one who didn't like her picture taken! LOL! I'm glad she changed her mind because she is beautiful.

Taylor... let your mom take more pictures of you! You are gorgeous!

Oh my gosh, I swear we were separated at birth. I think EVERY room has to have a clock too. I love them. Infact, I still want that huge one that you had in your kitchen in the Mesa house. Is it still there? I could go 'borrow' it. ;)

LOVE the picture of the doggie! He is so cute! I know he loves to lick Shanna's feet. I know she pretended to be bothered by it, but I think she really likes it. ;)

And I thought you were healthy all along???

Anonymous said...

You are so talented in your phototgraphy!

Annnnnnd, I'm jealous you are getting healthy. I keep saying I'm going to and then I end up eating crap. But it tastes so good.


Deanna Payne said...

Love the pictures of Taylor. She is a beauty. Oh and the laundry comment, made me laugh. That is the first thing I would like to give up right now.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS LITTLE GIRL LISA! I could probably give up eating healthy for 45 days but not eating crap, now that is hard! GOOD LUCK on health food and no meat diet! May the force be with you! Take care, Tammi

Beth said...

Have I mentioned how much I love that dog? :)

Beautiful photos of the forgotten child!

Ashley Harris said...

Taylor is so pretty! Max is pretty cute too. Good for you for being healthy, I guess that means no McD's.

margie said...

How fun you used Kraft!! I am so happy! What a darling little book! You ROCK...
kiss kiss

Lesli said...

She sounds exactly like my Brittanny (who is now 19) never wants me to take a picture and I think she is beautiful.

My husband (David) an I have been doing the healthy thing too. It sure makes a difference in how we feel. Good Luck to you.