Thursday, February 01, 2007

aren't they cute? they are coming down for the easter pageant in mesa in march!! woo hoo
david--you can't get mad at this picture because there is no kissy face going on!!!
speaking of the easter pageant--i saw the movie "the passion of the Christ" a few nights ago. didn't see it when it came out because i don't like bloody, violent, gory movies. david saw it and said it was good. then i forgot all about it. so when it came on one night david asked me to sit down and watch it. i told him that i was pretty sure it would be too much for me but he said to give it a chance and if it got to be too intense then i could stop watching. so i watched it. the entire movie. it was intense. it was also an insight into how horrible that last day of his life really was. what got me though was Mary watching Jesus the whole time. being there for her son in the most painful time i can imagine. i have a son and i can't imagine having to witness that. then i had a few thoughts. the first being that i can just imagine myself finally face to face with the Savior and trying to explain why i yelled at someone one day, or why i complained about insignificant things. when you know full well at what He endured and how he reacted to things. the second was when they showed his sermon on the mount and him teaching to love your enemies because "if you love those that love you where is the reward in that?" so true. so easy to love those that are kind and sweet and loving to us. but what about the person that has betrayed us or let us down or hurt us in some manner. that is the truly hard part.

so i emailed my son about my feelings and told him that if we just focused on Christ that all would be ok. here is the email he sent me:

Hey thanks for the letter. Hope that everyone gets better soon. Its soooo true if we can just focus on Christ everything will be fine. We won't be discouraged we will be more loving, everything will turn to us for our good--the trials, problems. with Christ all if possible with out him there's nothing. " Look unto me in all thy thoughts. doubt not; fear not." d&c 6

love you Anziano Gilbert

p.s. the colts

wow--that was probably the most serious post i have ever had! ha

oh yeah--i asked him in my email who he wanted me to root for in the superbowl. sorry beffy

and yeah--that boy is coming home in 3 months!!!!

on a lighter note i have been eating grapenuts trail mix every night for a snack. thanks brianne! she told me to get it since i am a grapenuts nut! i usually eat it with soy milk so i don't feel too guilty.

and while i am in a random posting mood i will let you know that i dropped my college classes today. i had signed up for photoshop 2 and digital photography 2 but i just wasn't feeling motivated. plus brianne graduates from BYU in april and dallas gets home in may so i knew i would probably be gone and missing class so i will just wait til fall semester and keep practicing and learning more camera stuff and photoshop on my own.

peace out...L


margie said...

Lisa lisa lisa...YOU need to e-mail me...I have a question for YOU...
kiss kiss
from one girl to another...

Anonymous said...

margie-sweet thing! YOU got mail.


Kerry said...

I would like to see that movie too, but didn't for the same reason as you. Heck, I had a hard enough time watching a recreation on the National Geographic Channel!

Cute picture of Brianne and her guy!

AND Dallas comes home in THREE months??? Wow! That seemed faster than I thought! (I'm sure not for you though!)

brianne said...

mom, you are too cute. i love you so much. i'm way excited you're eating the grape nuts trail mix too, because it is so yummy!!!

Beth said...

So how long till you stop calling me Beffy? I've noticed it in several places now...;)