Sunday, January 07, 2007

my family is coming home tomorrow. besides the complete emotional breakdown i had about 5 hours after they had left i have been fine. more than fine actually. i have thoroughly enjoyed my time alone. i still miss them and can't wait for them to get here but i have been productive and lazy at the same time and had fun.

being alone is a funny thing. i like it--i am definitely not one of those chicks that has to be with someone constantly--you know--can't go to the bathroom alone, can't go shopping, out to eat or to a movie by themselves. i can do all those things completely happy by my lonesome. not to say that i don't enjoy doing them with other people, but if other people are tied up or busy i can do it by myself.

funny thing is when you're alone for very long it forces you to take a good look at yourself and evaluate yourself and assess how you are. so i have been paying attention and took notice of a few things of myself. i realized i love my husband. i love my kids. my mom constantly has every tv she owns on in her home. i realized the quietness of a house when you are alone and would sometimes turn the tv on for background noise. i actually watched some tv and 3 movies. if you ever get a chance to rent Amelie you should. i like the quietness of the streets late at night and the street lights softly diffusing everything. i like listening to neil young while driving on those streets. i realized i am pretty happy right now. i'm definitely not a schedule person and that is going to end on monday with school starting up so i have enjoyed not having one single thing on a list TO DO. going to bed when i'm tired and getting up when i am ready to. i realized the beauty in small things. italian cookies and cold milk. a full moon. snowflakes. a hot bath. makeup. peppermint soap. pictures. friends. dr.pepper. indian food. naps. walks. scrapbooking.

so i thank my husband for taking my kids along with him for a fun time so i could have some fun time of my own. i'll be posting my layouts i finished tomorrow...L


laura said...

sounds heavenly, lisa! but i know how it is when you miss your family! :) glad they are on their way home!


Beth said...

I'm glad you had the time to reflect, and am even more happy with what you discovered. :)