Saturday, January 27, 2007

finished this layout today. this picture of haley at school almost didn't get scrapped. her teachers sent it home to me TAPED to a card. non scrappers i am sure. so i couldn't get the tape off and just decided to put it in my photo album. yesterday afternoon as i looked through the album i just couldn't let it sit there. so i pulled it out and voila--got the tape off. last week i also got this wonderful package in the mail from gloria filled with all kinds of goodies. vintage labels, fabric, receipts, antique ephemera. loved it. i love the whole vintage, junqued up scrap pages i see. not that I (that i is for you kerry!) can do it but i still love that style. so i did my own vintage version--yeah, it's not remarkable but i kinda like it.
on another note i have had a sick little girl--the one you see above. cried herself to sleep last night in my arms. poor baby. she cannot shake this cold. i haven't felt that great myself--worn out, tired, un-freakin'-motivated for sure. but there have been a few highlights.
haley pointing out a "hankaroo" in the animal book
sitting as a family and watching old reruns of "flipper" and having haley asking every second if flipper was going to save everyone
david rescuing me from the house today and treating me to lunch
david making dinner--rice and potstickers. yum.
carson and taylor cleaning up, putting away laundry and watching haley so i could get out
finishing my layout (oh--inspired by shanna's friday challenge!)
wishing everyone out there an early Happy Sabbath!! hope it is delightful...L


brianne said...

That makes me want to cry about Haley. I'm sorry you're not feeling well but glad you are still having some good times. The layout is awesome.

Beth said...

Lisa said delightful. Ha!

Shanna said...

Hope you're feeling better girlfriend! I LOVVVVVE that layout. It truly is delightful.

Kerry said...

Love the layout.

Love that you used the letter *I* just for me.

It is truly delightful.