Wednesday, November 29, 2006

conversation in the car.

Carson: mom, do you believe in global warming?
Me: yes
Carson: President Bush doesn't (smart girl)
Me: well, everyone is entitle to their opinions
Carson: mom, what is global warming?
Me: well, basically it is the earth's atmosphere warming up
Taylor: well, technically it is more like the city of Phoenix is polluting more than they should and that pollution causes a hole in the ozone layer and then more of the sun's rays are getting through and causing the temperature of the atmosphere to heat up.
Carson: mom, taylor's explanation was a lot better than yours.
Taylor: yeah, it was--that's why we're in school.

and that's exactly where i want them...L


brianne said...

bless you woman, you still have what, fifteen more years of fun! come on, we're cute.

Michelle said...

they are cute, she's right. But I hear ya about the school thing :)

Shanna said... If they aren't pushing us past the "drown them in the bath tub point" then they are making us laugh.

Beth said...

Oh- sure- blame us Phoenicians for the problem. Geesh! ;)

laura said...

did you see algore on leno last night? i thought of you! :P :D

Lisa said...

hey laura--if it weren't for al gore we wouldn't have the internet!! HA HA

Dust and Maddy said...

Those girls are so stinking funny! Geez Lisa, get inromed or something ;)

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! GOOD STUFF! I do hope it snows for you! Tammi