Wednesday, November 01, 2006

when it's over it's over--that's what my husband said as he took all my halloween decorations down. i have to say that this was the best halloween ever! we had a party--the first one in our house here and we had neighbors, friends, co-workers and family over for food and fun. it was a blast! now i'll leave you with a few photos...L

couldn't load any photos!! also, all my links are gone because i tried to change templates and get this blog to look a little more coherent--yeah, right!


Beth said...

Anna looks thrilled to be an ASU cheerleader. You should have put her in a cooler outfit- like one from U of A- and I bet she'd smile for real... ;)


Kerry said...

U of A! (No, I didn't go there, but I think they have a cool campus.) So I still think your comment is funny Beth! ;)

Lisa, I am sorry to tell you that Anna does not look like a little girl anymore. Man, she GREW!

brianne said...

i miss my girls!!!