Monday, September 21, 2009

taylor is in photo class this semester and she took this photo. her class had to take different types of images and i convinced her to take one of the stop sign in our neighborhood. the rare times i update my blog i always want to put a picture on but i haven't had much time lately to take many pictures.

school is going well for everyone. we are almost to midterms for me and quarters for everyone else. i go back and forth between my homework and the girls--and we all look at haley's 1st grade homework and sigh. lol everyone is adjusting to the move and all the changes that go with that. i am so proud of my girls--they have had a tough year and they are doing well in school and help me out a lot.

tonight we were playing this game--don't know the name of it--but you fill a thimble with water and then everyone tries to guess the answer to the question they ask--whoever gets it right gets the water thrown on them. so it's haley's turn and she asks who is her favorite movie star. after a lot of hannah montana, demi lovato, selena gomez and ashley tisdale answers carson finally asks for a clue--the first letter of the name. haley tells us T. so more guesses with no luck and carson says--ok--give us the second letter. which then haley replies--SWIFT. lol didn't take long then to figure it out...L


Brianne said...

I want to play the thimble game!! I miss my babies.

Brianne said...

I want to play the thimble game!! I miss my babies.

Kerry said...

LOL, I love the thimble game story!

Taylor will rock the photography class. She'll be the next Tara Whitney, just like her mom. I had so much fun going out on 'assignments' from my photography classes. I still have all of those photos even!

I'm so happy to hear everybody is doing well and adjusting. I know it's been a difficult year, but you all sound very happy.

laura said...

how cute! i can't believe you're almost halfway through your first term! i'm so impressed. i know i'd be going crazy!

miss you!! glad we have facebook! ;)

Beth said...

The thimble game sounds fun!

Kaelene said...

GASP!!! Does your daughter NOT reoualize that Taylor Swift is TECHNICALLY a country artist? Does she know how you feel about that genre of music???? LOL
CUTE story!!
Love ya!!