Wednesday, September 02, 2009

it's back to school. actually school started for the girls about 3 weeks ago and my school started last week. let's see--a list of my classes: literary theory and criticism, indigenous poetry and paris and florence in the middle ages. lots of light reading! however a really humorous thing happened at school. dallas was here visiting and so i took him to ASU with me to my classes. my poetry class is about native american poetry. our teacher is a native american. she asked us to list all the negative stereotypes that people associate with native americans. so my son jumps up there and writes 'lazy' on the board. and there are a lot of people up there writing things like--uneducated, poor, drunks, bloodthirsty savages, mystical, dirty, superstitious, etc. then there is one boy up there who is looking around at everyone and he says "i think i'm confused." so my son says--oh, that's my fault. i told him we were writing our personality traits up there. oh my gosh. everyone in class is laughing. i'm like--don't take your kids to school with you. lesson learned. ha

in more exciting news. happy birthday brianne. it's a boy. not mine. my future grandson. let the shopping begin...L


Nicole said...

How fun for Brainne to get a boy!! She will be an amazing Mom! Yay, more boys :)

Brianne said...

Yes, let's let the shopping begin:) That story of Dallas at school still makes me laugh! I miss you. The girls look beautiful!

Kaelene said...

congratulations, gramma Lisa!!

Work hard in school, busy momma!