Saturday, June 06, 2009

old friends. i got to see shanna this week. it was so nice. i miss her. and i scrapped. i got 8 pages done! on a vacation album i've been working on for three years. lol i also got to annoy kaelene. always a treat. lol and kerry--that is shanna eating serrano's bean dip. just for you.

in other news--anna and i survived the catalina island field trip. we kayaked, snorkeled, soaked up the sun, made friends and watched dolphins swim in the ocean. no pictures because they are on my phone and i have no cable to download yet.

in other news i have registered for college! yay for me. i'm so excited to start school. i have decided to go to radiology tech school that has opened at our little college in prescott. it is a 2 year degree. i plan on doing that and then maybe becoming an ultrasound tech. i have a few prerequisites to do before i can start the program. math. again. because after 10 years you have to take it again. so sad. i have also contacted ASU about finishing my bachelor's degree as well. so i have some options.

anna and haley's last day of school was yesterday. it was a nice program. my favorite part (besides seeing my girls on stage) was the director of their school's little anecdote. she told a story of an old man that walked along the beach every morning with a pail collecting the starfish on the sand and throwing them back into the ocean. another man stopped him and asked why he did this as the next morning it would be the same thing all over again and that it didn't matter. the old man grabbed a starfish out of the pail and threw it as far as he could out into the ocean. he looked at the man and said 'it mattered to that one.' great story.


Kerry said...

Why can't Lisa keep her tongue out of people's ears!! Haha!

Oh no you didn't!! Bean dip from serranos!?!?!?! I hate you both. You are so mean. said...

GReat pictures, fun times. Good luck in college..Tammi

Shanna said...

uuuugh! You look awesome but I look like a fat-ass cow! Is it November yet? LOL

I had the best time getting to see you girl! I might be coming again in October for Hillary's wedding. She's not sure on the weekend yet. Anyway.... we will get more time to hang out then! Coming without the kids! HA!

Love & miss ya!

Nick and Ashley said...

Back in school, huh? That's so fun, maybe next time I have a kid you can do the ultrasound!
Love the story about the starfish, one of my favs.

Nick and Ashley said...
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Brianne said...

I love your hair!

MASawyer said...

You rock Lisa!! You are going to nail school chica! You are going into a great field. Radiology techs are in demand. Ultrasound techs are even more demand and they make great cash and have decent schedules! Check into the Arizona Heart institutes ultrasound tech program. I hear it is awesome!

The starfish story is one of my faves!

I'm glad you survived the field trip. Sounds like so much work! lol