Sunday, June 28, 2009

here are some pics from my family reunion a few weeks ago.

and here are some more...

i had a lot of fun up in pinetop with my family and girls. the older i get the more i enjoy seeing my cousins and aunt and uncles that were a big part of my life. we went go-kart racing, antique shopping and had a blast...


angieinpink said...

i LOVE your hair right now.

oh let's get real: i always love your hair.

and your style.

you are so pretty.

the end.

Kerry said...

Great photos!! I love that one of the girls and the water. It has such a summer feel to it!

I'm with Angie. I always love your hair. You're one of those lucky ones that looks great no matter what you do with it!

Beth said...

Aww- neat photos!
I'm trying to overlook the long sleeves and jacket... :P