Tuesday, March 17, 2009

so this week is spring break for my girls. taylor went to colorado with her friend and her friend's mom and is having a blast. all the girls were not excited to find out that mom does not get a spring break from work. me too! but i made a game plan. i told them that every night they would get something from me to have to do the next day. so the first day it was coloring books. today it was sidewalk chalk. tomorrow they have bubbles and a mask to paint and decorate. also i told them that since i got off work earlier all week we would do some fun things together. last night we went and saw 'race to witch mountain' which we all thoroughly enjoyed. and i'm sure for different reasons. lol

tonight we went and had dinner at wildflower bread company and went and bought the crafts for tomorrow and i took carson to Rue 21 where she got some much needed shirts on sale. i have to tell you that carson has been such a big help to me this week. with taylor gone it is just her watching the little ones. every day this week carson has cleaned the house, did the dishes, done the laundry, made my bed with clean sheets! and taken care of the little ones with no complaints. and all of this she has done on her own. i did not ask her to do it. so she got a trip to the store. carson has always been such a help around the house. she is going to make a good mommy one day. love you carson.

and in honor of saint patricks day--a limerick:

There was a young lady one fall
Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball.
The dress caught fire
And burned her entire
Front page, sporting section and all...L


Anonymous said...

I love your spring break idea and it sounds like you will all have a lot of fun during it! Things sound like they are going smoothly! Thank you Carson for being good to your mom. You're raising them right Lisa! They are all so thoughful and such good kids!

Great photo too! I hadn't seen that one! I love it!

Brianne said...

That Carson is sweet, hmmm she reminds me of someone. Hmmm, who could that be!?! Love you, the craft idea is super cute. Good job Carson, you're awesome!

Kaelene said...

Love that limerick . . . did you think that up all by yourself, Irish lassie???
You're such a fun mom!

tammiauayfuay@cox.net said...

Great spring break idea. kids can do great things and i love the limerick. take care, tammi

Nick and Ashley said...

You really are a genious. Surprise everyday for things for them to do the next day!! That really is awesome. What kid doesn't like surprises and crafts.

I wish I could be more like Carson.

Dust and Maddy said...

Seriously? You are the BEST MOM EVER! I can't believe you found the time and energy to be so thoughtfful. No wonder your girls love you so much -- you let them know how much you love them.