Monday, January 05, 2009

this was sent to me from someone from church in an email. i thought it was good enough to put on my blog. usually i just delete those church emails. ha ha


When my husband and I taught our children to do laundry, we started them out on the towels. Towels are easy to do: they're simple to sort, they don't have to be matched up in pairs, and they have No pockets that might be hiding nasty surprises like ballpoint pens or brown crayons or lip balm, any of which even a perfectly capable, laundry-seasoned adult can accidentally overlook in a wash cycle.

There is, however, one common mistake that my children (and even their father) tend to make with towels. They figure that as long as they can keep smashing those towels into the washing machine, they can keep adding more and more to the load.

One day I was working in the kitchen when I heard a horrendous noise emanating from the laundry room in the basement. I rushed down to check it out and found the washer groaning and rocking like a crazed cow. Quickly switching it off, I opened the lid and saw a wash of towels, crammed in so tightly I could barely pry them out. Now, I have a large-capacity machine, but it was never meant to hold fourteen, full -size bath towels!

Sure, there were fourteen towels that needed washing that day. But as nice as it would have been to be able to throw then in all at once and get it over with, the washer simply doesn't work that way. All you're doing when you try to stuff that many towels into one load is ruining both the machine and the towels. An overloaded washing machine is thrown out of balance and can't do its job properly.

I understand this principle and have explained it with infinite patience to my husband and to each of my five children in turn. But I still haven't become very adept at applying it in the larger scheme of my life. Believe me---it does apply. I'm always falling prey to notions that I can get one more thing into the load. This is probably because there is always more to accomplish than I have time or energy to do. I am a fourteen-towel woman stuck in a ten-towel-capacity life. And so I tend to operate frequently on overload.

Almost every woman I know is like this. We are really busy! We overload our days with things that truly need to be done and then drop into bed at night wondering why we feel so out of balance. We need to realize that it's better to have ten clean towels in the morning and four set aside for another day than to have fourteen not -so - clean towels and a broken machine. We're in this life for the long haul -- if we don't maintain ourselves properly, we will break down.

-- (Introduction) "Take Two Chocolates and See me in the Morning"

Remember, Moderation in ALL things! Happy New Year!

moderation in all things has always been my motto in life...L


m = michelle said...

yeah...that's my moto too.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahHHhahahah NOT SO MUCH

Cherished Memories said...

So so true...but sometimes its hard to slow down and take things in moderation. :)

Gail said...

Great story! I always try to have some dirty towels hanging around, just to make me feel like I'm takin it easy! Oh wait, it's really because those towels are behind the bed, sofa, chair, etc.
I see you like the pioneer woman's blog, isn't she great? Also Alicia Paulson (rosy little things).
I got her book for Christmas, it's great...
Give hugs to all for me, hope you had a great Christmas and New Years.

Kaelene said...

LOVE that analogy! It's true . . . and right now, I feel like I have 34 towels lined up to throw me off balance . . . .AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Samantha said...

HAHA!! okay so the reason why I have so much laundry to do this week is because jonas thought that because the two rugs/floormats (with the extra little something on the bottom) could fit into the machine, he should go ahead and do it. it broke, we had to wait a week for the GE guy to come out and fix it. but i agree with the moral here. i wish i had read it yesterday, lol.

MASawyer said...

Love this!

Kerry said...

That is so pageworthy. I love it.