Saturday, January 03, 2009

it's been a while. i haven't had much time for much of anything. let alone blogging. but i'll put a tiny update on here. nothing earth shattering. just the same ol', same ol'. i did manage to take a few pictures at christmas. the above one is of our christmas eve outing. christmas is over. let the bells chime. totally not in the christmas mood this year. but i think the girls all enjoyed it. dallas too. it was so good to have him home. he left on new years day and there were many tears by all of us here. brianne and jeff enjoyed colorado and much to my chagrin, i mean happiness, there was no snow storm blocking their path.

my sweet haley turned 6 last month as well. and as of yesterday she has two bottom teeth missing. her first baby teeth gone. i can't believe it. we took a trip to the dollar store today thanks to the tooth fairy. our tooth fairy leaves money--not notes that their room is messy. LOL

and i became a grandma finally. thanks to my 13 year old. ha ha taylor had signed up for the baby program at school and her and her friend got their babies the night of haley's birthday. taylor loved it and named her baby estelle. i made sure i put in earplugs to sleep that night. they had to change the baby, feed it, give it attention. it was fun to watch. taylor loved it. she loves babies. i also got the results of taylor's career test from school. turns out that her most agreeable career would be that of assassin or dictator. i'm so proud. and you never know--that might come in handy later in life.

today i spent my day off with my girls. we had a great time. we went shopping and ate out and sung tunes in the car and had fun relaxing. most of my time off of work is spent with more work. laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. well, the house is a mess, the laundry is not done and we had taco bell for dinner. but more importantly i had fun with my kids and didn't worry about what wasn't getting done. this is the year i find balance in my life. time for me, time for my kids. time to let some things slide. so i might not be blogging as much or reading your blogs, but i will take time to enjoy life and be happy this year. happy 2009...L


m = michelle said...

SO GOOD to hear from you! Us arizonians, who met for an impromptu scrap night, talked tonight how you haven't updated and how we are missing you!!!

good for you on finding balance. That's always a toughy!

Samantha said...

aww lisa, i miss hanging out with you and the girls. i'm so glad you're getting time to do that! i miss you! get ready for us because i'm hoping to come again soon, if finances allow. perhaps summer again? love you

MASawyer said...

Amen, girl! Aren't those the best moments when you can just spend with your kids enjoying every minute that we miss when us workin' girls are at work. I'm sorry about the snow storm, we got it instead. Bummer. I think that it will be hard to share my kids when they get on their own. One thing for sure, I will share though. ;).

It is good to see your update. Thanks for the advice about Twilight.

You rock! and don't you forget it. All the best to you in 2009.

Kerry said...

I LOVE that photo with Dallas in the back seat!!! Scrap it. Scrap it NOW. Haha.

Congratulations on finally becoming a grandmother. I guess the pressure is off of Brianne for the next week? ;)


Christine said...

I'm so glad you got some family time. That is so important. Happy Birthday Haley and congrats on losing the teeth. Taylot looks really cute with her baby. I hope she continues to enjoy her.

Kaelene said...

I'm with you, on the goal for 2009! But, could you include scrappin' with the other AZ girls more often, as one of your goals?? We miss you!
I'm coming to Prescott soon . . . and that is NOT an idle threat this time!! ♥

Nicole said...

I haven't blogged all month...Just stalk others from time to time. Hopefully I will catch up soon. Spend time with those girls and enjoy it. Remember all working Moms have messy houses!!

Brianne said...

I love the pictures and am so happy that Taylor has found her true destiny.