Tuesday, June 17, 2008

well i am doing better! i think everyone goes through some down times. i have lots to be thankful for. i have a great husband and children. i have a good life and live in a wonderful place. i have great health and i'm not homeless.

of course i always have my kids to make me laugh. first up is brianne. she called me the other day to tell me that she was at a church party and while trying to throw a water balloon at jeff she missed and hit one of the crankiest girls in her ward--along with her newborn baby. brie said the girl just glared at her and everyone was looking right at brianne. of course as she is telling me this i just crack up laughing. because hey--that's what moms are good for. laughing at their kids mistakes!

then yesterday i took the girls to the mall. the older girls went off looking and i took haley and anna to the play center. while we were there anna asked if she could go look in the perfume store. it was right next to us so i told her she could. i saw her looking at all the bottles. she came back and told me she found 2 perfumes that she wanted. i asked her what they were. sex in the city and love16 she replied. i said--i can tell you right now you aren't getting sex in the city. she then asked what sex in the city tasted like. i almost laughed but i told her that it was a SMELL, not a taste. then she asked if she could have love16 and i asked her how old she was. 8 year old girls don't get love 16 until they are 16! quite funny. that girl comes up with some doozys!

then yesterday we took the girls swimming. carson's best friend was down from mesa visiting. they were all seeing who could hold their breath the longest under water. mckenzie and taylor were both holding their noses and carson asked them why they were doing that. so we don't get water up our noses they said. carson said--but you can breathe with your nose underwater. of course taylor had to give her a physics lesson. then carson said--i'll prove it to you. she went under. she came back up and said--i'm sorry. oh my gosh. i was listening to the whole thing and just dying. later on while we were having a good laugh about it at dinner (that whole awesome mom thing again!) taylor said--that must have been a blonde moment.

i don't know what i would do without my kids around to liven things up. it's so fun to see them grow and change and learn. dave and i went to pinetop a few weekends ago and i took my sewing machine with me. i made that baby quilt above--my first one with batting and everything. then i made the girls skirts they are wearing. they loved them. and they were fun to make. we stopped in strawberry where they were having a quilt show and both girls got "tattoos." haley got the butterfly face and anna got a glitter one on her arm that i can't find the pic for. they were so cute and loved them. my parents went up too and we really had a nice time. i hadn't been to pinetop forever. beautiful up there!

have a great week everyone...L


Brianne said...

I love all the stories with the girls. The breathing underwater...haha. Nice quick responses to Anna are impressive. But why on earth did you tell my story. Ugh, I can just see all the girls in my ward reading it and me being the social outkast. Oh well, we're moving:)

Kerry said...

Wasn't Anna the one who was totally into the purfume store in California once too? Look out for that girl, she'll have her own scent when she grows up and become a millionaire. (Then can I borrow from her? Just enough for a soda?)
You were quick with answers though!

WHAT is that on Haley's face?!?!? A butterfly?!?!?!? ACK! Oh well, she's still cute.

Oh and Brianne... way to go! I would have been aimming for the nasty beotch in the first place!

Kaelene said...

You are an amazing woman -- thanks for sharing your life with us! ♥

Dust and Maddy said...

I hate you -- will you teach me to sew? Those skirts are adorable. Can you just teach me all those skills my mom didn't?

I loved the perfume story, lol!

Lisa said...

brianne--you're kidding about all the girls in your ward reading my blog!

so if they are i must confess that brianne said she hit the NICEST girl in the ward and that she felt horrible about it and that it was all JEFFS fault since he moved out of the way and brianne is the most wonderful, perfect daughter and person in the whole wide world!

and she knows how to make a mean pecan pie! ;)

laura said...

LOL - your family is so funny! :) glad you are feeling in better spirits. we all get that way sometimes...

Anonymous said...

GREAT stories. That perfume one had me dying. I wish we would have a water balloon fight at church there is a couple of ladies I'd like to hit. I am kidding. I really do love all my sisters in the gospel. Take care, Tammi

Beth said...

The skirts are adorable, Lisa! I bought fabric about a month ago to make skirts for the girls, but didn't get to it before the trip. That's first on my list for when we get back. So cute!

Love the stories!