Monday, April 14, 2008

oh the pains of going through soda withdrawals. for the 50th time. in two months. when will i learn? i have found a good substitute though. wylers light. raspberry. yummy goodness. david's aunt judy got me hooked on it when we saw her a few weeks ago. we took the kids and went up to new mexico the weekend before last. we used to go there all the time when dave's mom and dad lived there. we haven't been back since dave's parents moved to mesa and dave's mom died. so it was a really fun trip. judy and lance live right on the other side of albuquerque on a mountain. they have a beautiful home and two great big pyrenees dogs, lulu and koda. my girls were in heaven and judy and lance really took great care of them. we took the girls on the tram. a few cried before we left--guess which two? no crying pics though kaelene! after we got on and they saw how slow it went they were fine.

we also went to the zoo and had a great time. the albuquerque zoo was really good. it's funny how everyone can enjoy a zoo. it really doesn't matter what age or gender you are. who cannot get excited watching monkeys cavorting around? and we got to see pretty much all the animals. even the polar bears which were so cool to watch. all in all it was a very nice getaway and a lot of fun to get to see family. my girls don't get that enough and it was good to see them enjoy themselves there.

lots of things to do this week. i'm cleaning and reorganzing my kitchen. tired of things being all over the place and not being able to find what i need. i want to do some sewing and scrapping and getting ready for my stamping up party that kaelene is hosting for me. have a great week everyone...L


Kaelene said...

I'm excited for Saturday! And, I LOVE weekend trips!

Jeff and Brianne said...

I love Lance and Judy!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

How long of a drive is that?

Kerry said...

I think there were still some Lisa family molecules bouncing around Alb. when we stayed there. How weird is that? If you would have told me I'd be there a week after you, I'd never have believed it!

I love that picture of those dogs. They just look like cool, fun dogs to play with. I'm glad you all had a fun time visiting.

Oh, and thanks for the heads up about wylers. Yeah, it pretty much does kick crystal light's butt. Mmm. and the grape tastes like kool aid!!

It does help the soda weaning. :p