Monday, April 21, 2008

lots of pictures; some words to go with...

where did the week go? monday again. lots of things going on around here. namely me getting back in shape. started my workout routine again. started lifting weights. haven't lifted weights in a very long time, circa first husband. i really like it--it gets you toned pretty darn fast. so i do that and walk. can't wait to get in shape. i have put it off for too long.

went to mesa on saturday--got a new 'do and went to a stamping up party hosted by my friend kaelene. she had it at her sisters house and beth and michelle came and it was fun to chat and relax. spent the day before the party going to the mall and checking out new sewing machines. mine is getting over the hill. i've had it twenty years. longer than i've been married to either husband! ha ha dave didn't think it was funny.

speaking of--while i was gone dave cleaned the entire house, did the laundry and grocery shopping and took the girls to the movie. how is that for incredible? and i got two bouquets of flowers as well! very sweet and i appreciated it soooo much. maybe dave will be around longer than the pfaff! ha

yesterday was good too. i took a nap after church and then made dinner and after dinner we all went outside and the girls raced each other. the dogs did too. ha and anna wore the dress i made her to church. with a little prodding. for some reason she was not wanting to wear it. she was so excited to have a green dress that i told her i would make her and then she wasn't to thrilled with it. maybe i will have to make her a more fitted one next time. if there is a next time. hmmppppf.

also there are some cards i made with my SU supplies. i loved how these turned out. just loved this combo of colors together. if anyone wants to place a SU order let me know i close out Kaelene's party this saturday. and dave and i are actually going to spend a weekend alone without kids. got someone to stay here with the girls and we are heading to tucson for the weekend. can't wait. also got haley's hair cut today. she was thrilled with it. me too. have a great week...L


Kaelene said...

I can't believe how much older Haley looks with her haircut that way! Oops, sorry, but she does!!
I hope that you have a good week, and FUN in Tucson. It would seem that you have the key ingredients to be able to do that! ;)

Kerry said...

stuck in LA. :(

HEY! I can't believe your gay brown dog isn't on top of poor Max in that photo! Haha!

You all are the fabulous hair family. I love your new hair, and Haley! OHMYGOSH. SHe looks so cute with bangs!

The dresses are adorable, and I love the cards. You are one busy girl.

Shanna said...

Love the cards!

Love the new do's!!

Love the dresses!

Love Taylor's funky socks!

Love the photos!

Love and miss ya skank!

Nicole said...

A weekend away...Wow, I'm jealous, I can't wait until we do that sometime soon, maybe next year?? Haley's hair is too cute, but how could it not be?

Jeff and Brianne said...

Who's watching the kids?

Lisa said...

good question since my babysitter just bailed on me!!!

Nick and Ashley said...

You made Anna's dress! Looks Great! I also love the hair. Looking good!

Deanna Payne said...

Great dress! I am amazed at the husband cleaning the house. Can we have him teach my husband that?

Anonymous said...

SO cute, the dress, the haircut and the cards. I can barely imagine my husband taking the girls to th emovie let alone all 3 of those items. Have a GREAT time without the kiddos. Take care, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

So much to say

Love all the pictures. I love seeing people's lives.

Sorry I missed the party :( I hope you know that! I really do need to order some stuff. And who knew Prscott would feel so close now that everyone is bailing. We'd better still be on for our canning date!

Secondly, I can't believe he did all that stuff with you gone. AMAZING!

And lastly, I love the cards!