Sunday, March 02, 2008

i'm alive. barely. i had the worst flu ever. it kicked my butt. royal. now it's time to get moving again. i will start my exercising up again starting tomorrow. i did get a book read in february. i read new moon. the 2nd in the vampire series. i liked it. i just have to read eclipse and i will be ready for the 4th book in august when it comes out.

some good news. i became a stamping up demonstator! i am really excited. i love their products and look forward to becoming involved in the company. look for samples coming soon! i am going to have an open house this month before one of their sales ends. anyone whom wants to order feel free to look through their catalog online and contact me! really--they have some cool things. stamps, inks, punches, cardstock, patterned paper, ribbon, tools--you name it they probably have it. and all of their cardstock, papers, ribbons and inks match.

while i was sick i did manage to do a few things. i made these layouts. the halloween one has some of the new hambly that i won on their blog. i am not kidding. i actually won something! they were giving away some of their new releases and they picked 7 winners out of the 700 that posted. so i was really happy. i got the news when i was sick and that made me happy. it is so pretty. i love it all!

on a sad (for me!) note--shanna and her family left for mississippi yesterday. i am so going to miss her. even though i didn't live that close to her anymore i would see her at least once a month. all of our scrap group except the 2 sickies--kerry and beth--met up at fridays to say goodbye. i wasn't going to drive down because i was still recovering. but i would have felt horrible not saying goodbye in person. so dave drove me down and we hung out for a couple of hours. good fun. i'm going to miss you shanna...L


Kerry said...

Mmmmm. That Hambly is gorgeous!!!
I'm glad you won it. You deserve it. Besides, you've probably bought enough in the past to have made at leat one of Mr. or Mrs. Hambly's mortgage payments. ;)

Very pretty layouts and I'm sorry I missed you all the other night. At least you are finally feeling better!

Kaelene said...

Cute layouts! It was great to see you up and around the other night!
You really did it -- I know for sure that I want a pen from Stampin' up!

Michelle said...

I'm going to miss Shanna too. :( stupid mississippi....

Rachel Hall said...

Beautiful layouts!

So sorry you got the dreaded flu too... it made rounds at our house and was just awful.

So glad that you got to spend some time with Shanna to send her off... she is quite the wonderful person!

And you will probably be hearing from me about Stamping Up! hehe

Dust and Maddy said...

Geez, why didn't you pick one of the other pictures ot put up there ;p I'm going to miss Shanna too!

And I love the LOs and I'm glad you are feeling better -- even if it's only slightly better. At least you had David to take care of you! Ahhhhh ha ha ha!

laura said...

i hope you're feeling better. i'm glad you went down to say goodbye to shanna - you would have been so miserable if you didn't. your dh is awesome to drive you!

love the layouts! congrats on the hambly! :)

Beth said...

I'm glad you guys had fun that night- I was sorry to miss it. :(

Love the layouts, and congrats on the Hambly snag!!

I'll look thru the SU catalog as well. Now I definitely know who to go to for the Signo white pens! :)

Anonymous said...

CCCCOngrats onthe stamping up, you are crazy talented. I am glad you are feeling better. Take care, Tammi

Kaelene said...

Lisa - I'm sorry about your uncle! Tina told me about that. Will the funeral be in Mesa, or
Safford? Keep us posted!