Wednesday, November 07, 2007

what a week. and it's barely wednesday! oy. i took haley to get her haircut today and she wanted it cut like dora's. so that's what she got. a lot of hair got chopped off. she looks pretty dang cute.

my kids have been cracking me up with their funny stuff they have been telling me. haley went over to play at a friends house the other morning and told me to come and pick her up at "9 1/2 o'clock--thats a really long time mom." got it. then the other day carson wants to know if i like the "foo foo fighters" hello--only one foo please. then she wants to know if i like the band "inks" um yeah--that is INXS!

anna started brownies on monday and loves it. i am so happy. they have a lot of fun things planned. a trip to out of africa and an overnighter at some cabins in prescott with sugar cookies and hot chocolate--no kidding--that is the description in the brochure. i think i want to go to that one. and anna also is running around telling me every other hour that she has a brain freeze and that some one gave it to her. tonight she told me that haley had given her a brain freeze and therefore she could not sleep with her. i told her that you get a brain freeze by eating something cold--she then informed me that she had eaten something cold earlier in the evening. ahhh, that explains it.

taylor is hooked on the stephanie myers books--the vampire ones. i gave her the first two books on saturday and she is already ready for the 3rd book. i want to read them now. speaking of books--everytime i call dallas he is in the library studying. (at least that is his story! ha) so today i called him and at the end of speaking i said i love you--then he said i love you too. then i told him that after he got off the phone he should say loudly "that was my mom--i'm still availabe!" LOL
and brianne just got a promotion at work. she is now in charge of marketing and advertising. i think that's awesome!

tell me how you would feel if you came home to this...

the other day i was just plain worn out. and i came home to folded laundry and this note on my bed (which she had also made) from carson. i love that girl.

now i am off to bed. i have a busy week still left ahead of me and i need sleep...L


brianne said...

Are you kidding me!?! I have never been more jealous of you, not only are you perfect, but your kids are!!! Haley looks so dang cute and Anna's brain freezes crack me up. I can't believe Taylor's on to the Vampire books, everyone I know raves about them. And Carson, oh my gosh, that sweet little sugar, that was the most adorable poster, she reminds me of someone... oh, that would be me. No wonder I love that girl!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

OK, the Dallas ting CRACKED me up. You are so stinking fun.

Love the hair, and I can't believe you haven't read the vampire books yet. YOU MUST! GO NOW!

Lisa said...

yeah brie--carson is just like you!

laura said...

ok, that note is the cutest thing EVER!!

i am so sad you can't come play with us this weekend. :( :( :(

angieinpink said...

Okay, that's the cutest lil not ever! I can't wait to come home to creations like that.

You're such a cute mom!

Nicole said...

Haley looks so grown up!! Yeah, you need to read the vampire books too. I think it ruins any young girl thinking that they want their husband/boyfriend to be a vampire!...Ha...Just read it and you will get it :)

Ashley said...

So, cute, it makes me want to go up and babysit them again! It has been too long. It's a tradition once a year. Maybe when I get this one out of me, we can visit soon. THEY ARE SO CUTE!