Thursday, November 01, 2007

halloween. it's over. well, it was a good one. i tried to get more photos up but it wasn't happening. i will try to put more up later. and that was my costume. nasty curves. it has a story--it wouldn't be halloween if i didn't have a story to go with my costume.

first of all, i had a costume--dorothy. but the dorothy costume was meant to fit toto so the night before halloween i left in a panic for the spirit store to find a costume. i grabbed about 4 costumes and was waiting in line when i see a sales person folding a baseball looking costume. i asked what it was and they told me it was a referee costume. i asked what size it was and asked to try it on. it didn't have a package they told me and came with a baseball cap. i glanced at it thinking it was a cubs shirt.

so i finally get in to the dressing room and they only let you take 2 costumes at a time in to try on. ok. changing my clothes and putting on costumes and i try on a fairy costume and know that i need to take my "underwear" off to try it on. no problem, just put all my clothes in a pile on top of my shirt. after trying on costumes i throw my pants and shirt on so i can hand out the 2 costumes i tried on and get another 2 to try on. so i gather up all the stuff and hand it out and get the other costumes to try on. a minute of me starting to try on a costume i see my underwear bottoms being thrown under the dressing curtain--INSIDE OUT! oh yeah--i just said that. now any normal person with a shred of dignity would have bolted right then and there. not me--i need a costume!!

so yeah--i have to give the girls credit--i didn't hear them giggle once. and i even came out with my ref costume on to ask if they liked it. so after coming home with my costume dave asks me to try it on. i come out with it on and he says "nasty curves" and i'm like what? and he says--nasty curves--on your shirt. WHAT? oh yeah--not a cubs shirt like i thought. so that's the halloween costume story for this year. stay tuned for next year and some more pics.

but enough about costumes. let's talk halloween. so my girls had cute costumes. taylor was a harajuku girl, carson--some sort of twisted fairy w/o the $30 wings i bought special for her, anna was a pirate and haley was tinkerbell. usually we have a lot of costume switching goin' on but this year was good. then we had our 2nd annual halloween party. this year it was soup and bread. yummy. we had lots of friends show up and hot dogs for the kids who played outside. then people left to go trick or treating and we let taylor and carson go with their friends around the neighborhood. we left with another family and our little ones to take them around. we went to two neighborhoods before i remembered a cool historic district downtown that i had heard was really cool at halloween time.

so we drove over and it was not disappointing. cool decorations and everyone dressed up and a gazillion kids everywhere. one house had 20 buckets of candy and every kid got one candy from each bucket. after that we came home and took all the kids in the hot tub. i'm telling you it was good times here. i think taylor and carson's loot weighs about 5 lbs. each. so that's it for this halloween. go find some good sales...L


Dust and Maddy said...

BWAHAHAHA! Still just as funny as the first time.

Your Halloween sounded awesome! Glad he girls had so much fun.

Beth said...

Nasty curves. I smell a birthday theme. ;)

SOunds like you guys had a ton of fun- yay!

brianne said...

Let's be puttin on some more clothes, I'm tired of having a mom that looks hotter than me. Haley looks so cute. And you look gorgeous, Jeff thought you were Carson.

Anonymous said...

Lisa you are HILARIOUS.. I would have died a slow and horrible death.. Sounds like a GREAT Halloween. Take care, Tammi

laura said...

nasty curves - hahahahahahaha!!very klassy! :P

sounds like you had a GREAT halloween! :)