Wednesday, September 05, 2007

nothing beats a labor day weekend spent at the beach. nothing! we decided on thursday night to go to cali for the weekend, booked our hotel, found a place for the dogs to stay and drove. it was such a nice getaway. even if it was over 100 degrees. but get this--no traffic. in cali! it was lovely.

so we drove in on saturday and i found out that scrapbook oasis was only a hop from our hotel. i had emailed laura to try and hook up there with me but called and found out that they would be closed on monday. so when we arrived dave dropped me off to look around while he went and checked in. that is one fantabulous store! i loved it. i also loved seeing some layouts by some fave scrap people of mine. like jamie waters and lisa McG. very cool stuff. one day i will have to take a class there.

after that we went and ate at the el torito grill and then headed to newport beach. the girls were in heaven. we were at the jetty so the waves there hit fast and hard. loved watching all the boogie boarders attempt to ride in those humongous waves. ATTEMPT being the operative word. so the girls would head in the water and as soon as a wave hit they would run back to avoid getting soaked. this worked well for a while until haley's feet gave out and she fell down and the wave washed over her. time to go then.

the next day we went for a drive up the coast and then headed back to fashion island. after that dave took the two little ones back to the hotel and the big girls went to south coast plaza. i found the cutest little boots, and i bought the cutest little boots. i love me my boots! we went back to the hotel and i took the girls swimming. then we headed in to fullerton to eat at our fave italian restaurant--angelo and vinci's. love that place.

the next day we headed over to temecula to see debbie and dennis. dennis recently had surgery and was recovering but they had made a special labor day/early birthday for dave lunch. i'm talking crab legs, lobster, shrimp, salad, rice pilaf and homemade chocolate cake. it was divine! i wish we could have stayed longer but it was time to head home. now i am just trying to get back in the non-vacation swing of things. hope everyone had a great weekend...L


Kerry said...

Wow, those are incredible photos!!!! You better get busy scrapping because I want to see what you do with them!!!

What a fun weekend for you guys! Haley looks so much like Brianne in that one picture of her. They must have a similar smile or something.

brianne said...

Kerry, I do look like Haley now with my new bangs. Mother, I want to see those boots!

angieinpink said...

So, I'm pretty much jealous of your lil excersion...sounds like/looks like/almost smells like heaven.

And, wow, I am IN LOVE w/ those skirts you made. Such a talented girl, you are.

angieinpink said...


i'm awesome.

Dust and Maddy said...

I was going to say exactly what Kerry said -- Hayley looks so much like brianne!!!!

And I'm glad you blogged. Someone needs to blog around here! I've had nothing to read! Thanks for keeping me from being a blog nazi.

Anonymous said...

I love beach pictures, those are gorgeous. It sounds like you had some good eats too. take care, tammi

Anonymous said...

Your pics leaves me SO jealous girl. I have to drive like....42 hours to get to the nearest ocean and about 30 hours to somewhere where it is not raining or close to zero.

Gorgeous pics!

Anonymous said...

What a fun Labor day you had! Mine was so exciting that I voluntarily went in to work for 5 hours -- I HAVE TO beat that one, next year!
Very cool beach photos!

laura said...

i'm so bummed we couldn't shop together - but i know you had a GREAT time! :) glad you got into oasis.